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  1. ahh thats great to hear mate glad I was able to point you towards it Have a great day
  2. this is most likely a css z-index issue - if you have a public url where the problem occurs, I can have a quick look.
  3. Any chance you could please explain how you did it manually ?
  4. I had to add @media (max-width: 767px) { #layered_block_left .block_content { display: block !important; } } to fix it in my case.
  5. I know its been a long time but I am posting here since I stumbled upon this problem myself, I was able to circumvent it by adding the following to my css (within the media query that handles my mobile break off point). @media (max-width: 767px) { #layered_block_left .block_content { display: block !important; } }
  6. Hello, The only way I could solve this was to add the default combination to the label value : This worked for me : Instead of <option value="choose" selected="selected" title="--choose--">{l s='--choose--'}</option> I used it like this : <option value="{$group.default}" selected="selected" title="--choose--">{l s='--choose--'}</option> This way if the user does not make a selection - it assumes the default option. Hope this helps someone.
  7. Hello amsawad, I am at the stage you were here, can you please tell me how you fixed the tpl to fix this problem ? I cant seem to be able to wrap my head around it... Thanks in advance.
  8. Actually figured it out ... stupid me.... All you need to do is remove the the click event listener from the infowindow open call. store.js (around line 146) google.maps.event.addDomListener(marker, 'click', function() { (and its closing tags - but not the open and content calls). Hope this saves some time to someone else. George
  9. Hello, I have been wrestling with this for a day now and I can figure it out. I want to auto load (make visible) the infowindow on the google maps page, but everything I try doesnt seem to work. I have tried adding various event listeners but I can get it to work. If anyone knows how to edit stores.js to achieve this I would really appreciate the help. Thanks George
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