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  1. Hello,

    I have one problem with search in my catalog. In the catalog is about 600 products, when i try to search product by the name "konvekcine" it only finds few products when i have about 60, and when i try to search by the "krosnis" its find most of products by konvekcine.

    In administration search parameters is set by default. How i can fix this?

    Prestashop version: 1.4.3

    My catalog here

  2. Hello, i have install this module, change some .css parameters, but i cant figure out hove to put module in the middle of my page, now he is in left. Anyone know how to fix this in .css?
    My .css

    #slider                            {height: 300px; width:900px; margin:left; overflow: hidden; position: static; margin: 5px 0;
    #mover                            { width: 900px; position: relative; }
    .slide                            { padding: 26px 40px; width:900px; height: 300px; float: left; position: relative; }
    .slide h1                        { font-size: 16px;}
    .slide p                        { font-size: 12px; line-height: 22px; width: 550px;}
    .slide a                        { text-decoration: none;}
    .slide a:hover                    { text-decoration: underline;}
    .slide img                        { position: absolute; top: 1px; left: 600px; vertical-align: middle;}
    .slide h2                        { font-size: 14px; padding: 0 190px;}
    #slider-stopper                    { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 10px; background: #ac0000; color: white;
                                     padding: 3px 8px; font-size: 10px; z-index: 1000; }


  3. I found solution :)
    1. Change: /modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/views/product-list.tpl with yours template "product-list.tpl".

    2. Open yours template "product-list.tpl", and just insert "id="product_list".

    My template "products-list.tpl" looks like this:

       {if $products}
           {include file=$tpl_dir./product-sort.tpl}
       {if isset($products) AND $products}
            {assign var='liHeight' value=360}
            {assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4}
            {assign var='nbLi' value=$products|@count}
            {assign var='nbLines' value=$nbLi/$nbItemsPerLine|ceil}
            {assign var='ulHeight' value=$nbLines*$liHeight}
               {foreach from=$products item=product name=products}
               {assign var='productLink' value=$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category)}
             {if $product.new == 1}{l s='new'}
             {if $product.on_sale}
    {l s='On sale!'}
             {elseif ($product.reduction_price != 0 || $product.reduction_percent != 0) && ($product.reduction_from == $product.reduction_to OR ($smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' <= $product.reduction_to && $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' >= $product.reduction_from))}
    {l s='Price lowered!'} {convertPrice price=$product.price_without_reduction}
             {if ($product.quantity > 0)}
    {if $product.quantity == 0}{if $allow_oosp}{$product.available_later}{else}{/if}{else}{$product.available_now}{/if}{else}             0}{elseif $product.allow_oosp}{l s=$product.available_later} style="display:none;"{/if}>
    {l s='Out of stock'}              
    {if $product.quantity > 0}{elseif $product.allow_oosp}{l s=$product.available_later}{/if}
    {displayWtPrice p=$product.price}
    {l s='view'}                  
                  {if ($product.quantity > 0 OR $product.allow_oosp) AND $product.customizable != 2}
    {l s='Cart'}
    {l s='cart'}
    {l s='No products'}
       <!-- Pagination -->
       {if $products}
           {include file=$tpl_dir./pagination.tpl}

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