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  1. This bug can be resolved by un-hook the module block cart from the hook Top of pages. Go to You BO in Modules >> Position then go to the bottom of the page and unhook the module. The problem will be resolved. I'v just make the test.
  2. Hello, I have one problem with search in my catalog. In the catalog is about 600 products, when i try to search product by the name "konvekcine" it only finds few products when i have about 60, and when i try to search by the "krosnis" its find most of products by konvekcine. In administration search parameters is set by default. How i can fix this? Prestashop version: 1.4.3 My catalog here
  3. Hello, We want know your opinion about one of our themes wich we are creating now. Demo: www.eidejos.lt/darbai/gs/ Olso we are selling our old theme for presthop 1.3.1 version Demo: www.bepigu.lt
  4. Sorry i dont need other hosting provider, i need fix that problem...
  5. Hello, I have made alot of shops on prestashop, and now i geting malware report from google. I found this line in index.php file. How avoid this one?
  6. I figure out, i cahnge AdminPDF.php that i can change fonts in administration, and set cp1251 - dejavusasns and it worked.
  7. Need help, i have installed prestasop Version, set all configuaration tcpdf, but i cant get UTF-8 encoding. In older versions of prestashop everything works. Look in my pdf. Anyone know how to fix it? 000002.pdf
  8. Hello, i have install this module, change some .css parameters, but i cant figure out hove to put module in the middle of my page, now he is in left. Anyone know how to fix this in .css? My .css #slider {height: 300px; width:900px; margin:left; overflow: hidden; position: static; margin: 5px 0; } #mover { width: 900px; position: relative; } .slide { padding: 26px 40px; width:900px; height: 300px; float: left; position: relative; } .slide h1 { font-size: 16px;} .slide p { font-size: 12px; line-height: 22px; width: 550px;} .slide a { text-decoration: none;} .slide a:hover { text-decoration: underline;} .slide img { position: absolute; top: 1px; left: 600px; vertical-align: middle;} .slide h2 { font-size: 14px; padding: 0 190px;} #slider-stopper { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 10px; background: #ac0000; color: white; padding: 3px 8px; font-size: 10px; z-index: 1000; }
  9. Maybe anyone know, which files i need upload from 1.3.3v to 1.3.2v fix this bug?? I don't want do the update...Please help!
  10. You changed the domain DNS IP? Sometimes it takes some time for registering domain DNS IP to other server. Trick is that on different internet provider DNS registering time is not the same.
  11. I have read all pdf invoice encoding torturials, but no one have worked to me. Anyone know how fix invoice encoding in Version I need Lithuanian language with special characters: ąčęėįšųū. Waiting for solution...
  12. Ok i found sollution everythink is working now. If anybody have same problem here is my code of /modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/assets/filtersearch.js filtersearch.js
  13. I have problem with pagination. I set that pagination will be in footer of category product page, but when i click some parameter in filter search pagination makes double. Look in example. Maybe anyone know how to fix this?
  14. I have a problem, and i think there is a bug in module. I have set that in one page are shown 42 products, and when i click on category menu whit IE8 internet explorer sometimes i get this error....
  15. I dont need blank page, i whant popup without navigation bar...Just only product page information
  16. Hello, i want make one thing, when click on product "view" button, page of product more information open in popup window. I know that changes must be in product-list.tpl at line 40 code: {l s='View'} Maybe anyone know how make this? Example here: http://auto.plius.lt/naudoti-automobiliai/?make_date_from=1994 click on article.
  17. Theme don't show embed videos in product description... Can anybody post fix for that?
  18. I found solution 1. Change: /modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/views/product-list.tpl with yours template "product-list.tpl". 2. Open yours template "product-list.tpl", and just insert "id="product_list". My template "products-list.tpl" looks like this: {if $products} {include file=$tpl_dir./product-sort.tpl} {/if} {if isset($products) AND $products} {assign var='liHeight' value=360} {assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4} {assign var='nbLi' value=$products|@count} {assign var='nbLines' value=$nbLi/$nbItemsPerLine|ceil} {assign var='ulHeight' value=$nbLines*$liHeight} {foreach from=$products item=product name=products} {assign var='productLink' value=$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category)} {if $product.new == 1}{l s='new'} {/if} {if $product.on_sale} {l s='On sale!'} {elseif ($product.reduction_price != 0 || $product.reduction_percent != 0) && ($product.reduction_from == $product.reduction_to OR ($smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' <= $product.reduction_to && $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' >= $product.reduction_from))} {l s='Price lowered!'} {convertPrice price=$product.price_without_reduction} {/if} {if ($product.quantity > 0)} {if $product.quantity == 0}{if $allow_oosp}{$product.available_later}{else}{/if}{else}{$product.available_now}{/if}{else} 0}{elseif $product.allow_oosp}{l s=$product.available_later} style="display:none;"{/if}> {l s='Out of stock'} {if $product.quantity > 0}{elseif $product.allow_oosp}{l s=$product.available_later}{/if} {/if} {$product.name|truncate:28|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {$product.description_short|strip_tags|truncate:110:'...'} {displayWtPrice p=$product.price} {l s='view'} {if ($product.quantity > 0 OR $product.allow_oosp) AND $product.customizable != 2} {l s='Cart'} {else} {l s='cart'} {/if} {/foreach} {else} {l s='No products'} {/if} <!-- Pagination --> {if $products} {include file=$tpl_dir./pagination.tpl} {/if}
  19. Hello, i need help. I don't know why but Filter Search Community Edition module don't work with my themplate. I am using "matrice" theme, when i select some feature nothing happends...If i set default prestashop theme it works! Where is the problem?
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