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  1. Hi, I've just upgraded my shop to the latest version and although the update was successful, there are a ton of "little" problems that just annoy me (even before the update). I did a lot of things wrong that I shouldn't have, such as editing the core files and not making a separate folder for the theme. I'm thinking of starting with a clean slate and not making the same mistakes. How do I go about doing as painless as possible? I don't want to create a new PS account and all that trivial stuff. I'd just like to restore everything back to the defaults like when you first sign up with PS and go from there. Do I need to go through the whole installation process again? Could I just delete everything via FTP and upload the latest version? What steps do I need to take? Do I need to delete my database? Also, please share any important tips that I should know this time around. I'm talking about the "rules" of PS. All the do's and don'ts everyone should follow.
  2. I found it. I downloaded the entire module and started going through all the files. It was in the tab.tpl file...all the way at the bottom.
  3. Does anyone know how to change the word "Comments" to something else in the default Product Comments module? I've tried looking in productcomments.tpl and product.tpl...and many, many other files. I've also tried using FireBug, but it doesn't seem like it has the functionality to pinpoint a .tpl file. I tried looking for a solution online and a poster suggested to use tab.tpl. I couldn't find this file either. I'm using an alternate theme along with the default module, if it helps. The line of code that shows up in FireBug is this: <a class="idTabHrefShort selected" href="#idTab5">Comments</a> However, I have no idea where that line is other than the more obvious files I've checked.
  4. Hmm...I haven't tried enough with other files to be sure. So far I've only noticed it on css files. It makes it a pain to alter files since I can't see updates until hours later or the next day. I'll try giving hard refresh a go and see what happens. Could it be server related? My host updates files immediately. If I upload or delete a file, it shows up right away. Is it possible for the server to have a cache setting as well?
  5. Hi all, Recently I've been doing a lot of editing to css files. I've noticed that it takes hours or even days to see a simple edit show up. Let's say I make a small change, such as adding margins to a block. I'll edit the file, save it, and upload it. I refresh my page and it still shows the old style. If I wait a few hours and come back, the changes then take effect. It seems to only have been happening recently. I've tried turning force compile on, cache on, clearing browser, using different browsers...and there's still a horrible delay. I even tried deleting the entire css file and viewing the page. It still loads as if the css file is still there. FireBug even states the style is coming from the deleted file, although it no longer exists in the directory. Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
  6. Hey all, So I spent the last few hours trying to get word-wrap working in the title block in the default Home Featured module...I finally got that done. Afterwards, I noticed that the title block isn't aligned in the center along with the rest of the column (product image, view, price, add to cart, etc.). The title block seems to be shifted to the left. I looked around homefeatured.css and homefeatured.tpl and couldn't find the reason for why it's shifted. I thought there may be extra margins or padding. So I went ahead and tried to center the title block by using "margin-left" in homefeatured.css for the title block. The problem is...whatever changes I'm making to the css doesn't show up. I turned on force compile, turned off cache, and deleted cookies. I tried deleting half the page of css, uploaded it, and it looks exactly the same. Am I seeing things? Then I tried just deleting the entire homefeatured.css file...after I did this, the module changed in appearance. It actually centered and everything looked good, but the colors were off. Then I uploaded a fresh backup copy of the css file from my theme directory, and it went back to being off-center. What gives? Am I editing the wrong file? I tried editing this section in homefeatured.css: #featured-products_block_center .s_title_block, #featured-products_block_center h5 { padding-top:5px; height:30px; font-size:12px; color:#222; padding-bottom: 0; font-weight:bold; width:155px; margin-left:5px; <<< whether I add 5px or 500px, it doesn't change anything } If anyone can provide insight onto how to center the block, how to add margins, or any other advice, it would seriously help out. I think this is an easy fix, but I'm just missing something.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to align some social buttons in my product footer, but they're too low and overlap the product tabs- "More Info," "Data Sheet," etc. I've tried transplanting the module into extraLeft and extraRight, but the buttons don't even show up...it only shows in product footer. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm using the module coolshare, if it helps.
  8. I've installed this module and it works great. One problem though... I want to transplant this module from the top of the page to the middle of the page. I have done this by unhooking it from the "top of pages" position and transplanted it to the "homepage content" position. The problem is when I do this, the style for the module goes back to the default style. I noticed that when the module is first installed, the stylesheet it uses is style.css in the module folder AFTER I transplant the module, the new stylesheet is global.css in my theme folder How do I keep the module using style.css and NOT global.css so that it looks the same? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have a product where the title text is too long for the Featured Products module. The text doesn't truncate (e.g. "..."), but rather just cuts off. I would like for all the text to show up, even if it takes up multiple lines. Here's what I've done so far: -edited the width in homefeatured.css (default directory, theme directory does not have this file) to: #featured-products_block_center li { margin-right:10px; padding:10px 0; width:155px; height:240px -changed the truncate value to a number high enough for the whole title to fit in homefeatured.tpl (theme directory) -turned off cache and turned on forced compile, saved, deleted history, refreshed page Before I made the changes, the title was aligned to the same width as the picture's width. After I made the changes, the title line shifted left, but the last letter is cut in half as if it's still trying to align. However, there's room for more characters yet they're not showing up... I've attached a picture to give you a better idea.
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