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  1. My problem was when I entered the items we selected the only carrier that we had at the time, so the new carrier is not selected for those items. Stupid error we made, should have not selected so new carriers are available for the products
  2. Hello all, I signed up a new shipping carrier to my store but I have over 1000 items in store, what do I do to have the new carrier showing up with the old one without editing each product to unselect all/select all under shipping? Thanks
  3. I need help changing the Route to module URL (Keywords: module*, controller*) I would like to remove module* from the keywords. I want instead of Ex. link http:// mysite.com /module/agilemultipleseller/sellersummary to be http:// mysite.com /sellersummary Basically remove the name of the module from showing up in the URL I have been advised to look at - configuration at back office - SEO & URLs - /classes/Link.php, specifically the method getModuleLink() but I am not good with code at all Any pointers? Thanks
  4. Hello all, Module 1. There is a local payment gateway that I would like to work with, they have a well docuumented API, I would like someone to develop a payment module for me for this gateway. The payment gateway is called Pesapal https://www.pesapal.com/ Module 2 Then I would another payment module that is basically a set of instruction like; 1. Got to your mobile money menu 2. Select make payment .... 5. You will receive an SMS with a transaction ID, please enter it here! [Text Field] Basically all the module does is pick up the entered text (Transaction ID) and add it to the order under Transaction ID If there is anyone that can develop these two modules, how much is the charge and how long will it take to finish. Thanks Ps. Image attached shows what the second module should look like - Without the mobile number field!
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