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  1. 1. no, I download the dutch v1.5.4.1 language pack http://www.prestasho...en/translations The in Stock was not translated. 2. I folllow your instructions "localization > translations - then select "front office translatinons" search for product.tpl and translate it) After i select the FRONT office Translations. There is on the left a dropdown menu i can only choose DEFAULT. 3. Where exactly can i clear the Presta Cache or recompile the template
  2. a few ? not much I guess. I am a noob i dont know much. I just want to - have a webshop - Sell products - using paypal - and not daily fixing solving problems that Prestashop v1.5.4.1 has. You mention " I have a few clients '' Now my other Questions are: 2. How many days can you run a Webshop, without Prestashop v1.5.4.1 & the defailt Modules fails to work. 3. If i hire you how much.
  3. Dear sir/ madam, There are many many Users who start a daily Topic. Because they run in to problem with Prestashop. My Question is for the moderator and the makers of prestashop. 1. Can you use the default Prestashop v1.5.4.1? without any problems Note: There a many paid websitehosting where users dont have to fix this kind of problems. I tried the Prestashop v. for a few days and only problems the problems keep coming. ----------------- 12 email need to approve before the signature is activated ------ OMG Now i have to copy 12x the version im using. Version
  4. I tested the link, but it does not Work ................
  5. Dear sir madam I got a default theme v1.5.4.1. With 3 language installed - german - spain - english If you look at the Product page. The Stock text is not translate. for example if i choose the Language german, spain, 1. Where can i change the text In stock Screenshot: issue is s
  6. Yes yes yes finally. OMG thank you for the screenshot. I was looking in different directory ../themes/default/modules/homefeatured VS [SOLVED by PerfumeSkunk ] ../modules/homefeatured (Warning Prestashop wants to play games with noobs. There a several Modules directory)
  7. I cant not find the homefeatured.css there is none only homefeatured.tpL Thank you for helping me btw. Rayg
  8. Hi I almost going insane with Prestashop v1.5.4.1. After i find a solution then another pops-up. I have not sleep well :-( because of it. At the home page there are: - Featured Products - Special 1. Where are the files located so, I can change the Ugly RED Ribbon and Price color ( Why does Prestashop choose RED color. so we noobs can modify it????) Thank you
  9. Thank you for your reply. I gonna look at the website. Will let you know if i have any problems
  10. First i though my internet was gone. But i tried on other website no problem at all. The forum is offline at least 4 times in 2 days. Its like the forum is reset every 6 hours
  11. Yello guys. The default Theme (product page) is meshed up I have look many hours, but i havent found it. I am using (Prestashop v1.5.4.1) default theme. I would like to change The position in a nice straight line as below (screenshot) A. Discount Label B. price C. Discount price D. Add cart E. Paypal F. How can i Change the Red price color ($158.07) to blue $158.07 G. How can i Change the Red discount Label color to blue Screenshot
  12. Hi I would like to modify the Default theme (v1.5.4.1). I would like to change the following: Screenshot http://img259.images...9/9522/yll2.jpg 1. Change - the top blackmenu to--- > light blue #80FFFF Directory to modify : Which file to modify : Script : 2. Change - the top blackmenu dimension high Size--- > Directory to modify : Which file to modify : Script : 6. Change - the Margin between HOME and CATEGORIES Directory to modify : Which file to modify : Script : Thank you rayg (Experience with Prestashop : Noob) (Experience with HTML : little )
  13. [sOLVED] I already register I dont see the download link for Version ? plz help!!! (download link blue: http://www.freeprestathemes.com/graphileom-thgr-27b-2/
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