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  1. I want to first appologize for not understanding the reply Posted 02 June 2014 - 03:46 PM. When I viewed it at home, it didn't have the code so clearly defined as I see it now. I have changed the global.css to reflect 100% and its working!!! Thank you, not only for helping me, but for teaching me. APPRECIATED VERY MUCH!
  2. So it WORKS!!!!! It gets rid of the left column. HOWEVER, it doesn't resize the center column to 94%.
  3. sorry your reply looks way different now! I will re-do it!
  4. I think you will find this in YOUR SITE/modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php search for 'categorii' This might be right or wrong
  5. So I tried the above and it didn't work for me.. I am doing something wrong with the header.tpl.... I am assuming this {if isset($smarty.get.id_cms)}cmspage{$smarty.get.id_cms}{/if} needs to get its own line but I'm not sure how to format it. Header.tpl (in the folder of the active theme) Global.css (In active theme/css)
  6. What folder/file is this in? Then I create each one of these for each page I want to remove the column for? Is this in the global.css?
  7. Won't this remove the left column from every CMS page? I would strongly prefer to enter only a few pages. I have 38 pages, 36 of which are already styled for left column .
  8. Prestashop http://addons.prestashop.com/en/beauty-jewelry/8468-beauy-shop-prestashop-template-prs060130.html You helped me with this a few months back when I had 1.4.x.x Thank you
  9. Hello once again all! I have two CMS pages that I need to remove the left column from. Each page has an iframe microsite that needs to fit in the page, and the left column needs to be gone to achieve this. Please help!!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Vekia You didn't answer my other question. If you would I would appreciate it!!! How can i fix the spacing (white space) from the picture ? http://imgur.com/50XbIY1 EDIT: Fixed this. All I did was edit the center margin size in global.css per your code. Also, If i wanted to do this for another CMS page, how would I modify the code?
  11. Vekia, That tool doesn't search through the product on my website. It is a diamond vendors application (built in iFrame) that searches through their loose diamonds.
  12. Sorry just saw this. It is on my test site http://kistdc.esdn.biz/index.php?id_cms=39&controller=cms Also, I meant to post this in presta 1.5 forum.. I am running Can you please move this to the 1.5 forum?
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