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  1. How to allow checkout as guest with a same registered email address ( ? Many of customers cannot remember password and don't want to resetting password. Just would like to order with old email that they registered. many Thanks
  2. Congratulations! Nice to hear you can solved this problem. I use Autumn theme and already checked my theme is not cause the problem. Thanks for sharing infinityl. Best Regards
  3. Hi infinityl Have you try to reindex Layered navigation module? In Back office > Modules > Layered navigation block > configure Click on 4 buttons in " Indexes and caches menu " > Index all missing prices > Rebuild entire price index > Build attribute index > Build URL index
  4. Hi infinityl Is your URL is in english or spanish ? Example. http://www.prestashop.com/38-category1#/availability-in_stock
  5. Hi infinityl ! Try this Go to Back Office > Localization > Translation > Modify translation > Select > Install modules translations > Your theme > Select your language flag > Find " Module: blocklayered " >>> Leave all blocklayered's field to blank. Ex. in the image.
  6. Hello infinityl ! I've just solved this problem by DON'T translate layered navigation module. Leave this module in English is the last way i found to solved this problem. Anyone can solved this problem and use multilanguage? Best Regards
  7. I found this bug every site that using the prestashop filtering on layered navigation, not only my site problem. (I am using 1.5.5 of prestashop clean install.) When press the “back button” to previous page in browser on product detail page, that I landed on it after a filtering on "layered navigation Block". The filters I put is missing! And The URL is change to wrong url. Example First page with filtering on "layered navigation”, URL is www.example.com/en/3-women#/manufacturer-nicole_miller When click to go to page 2, URL is www.example.com/en/3-women#/manufacturer-nicole_miller/page-2 But when I want to back to page 1 , by click “back button” in browser, URL is change to www.example.com/en/3-women#/ Not the right url like the first one. www.example.com/en/3-women#/manufacturer-nicole_miller I wonder if anyone can help me solve this problem. Best Regards
  8. Is it possible to remove hashtag "#" in the url when enable layered navigation ? (pretsahop 1.5.5 clean install) Ex. Now when select layered navigation the link is www.mywebsite.com/en/9-bags#/brand1 I would to like remove "#" then show the link like this www.mywebsite.com/en/9-bags/brand1 Best Regards. (sorry for my bad english)
  9. Solved In prestashop\classes\Validate.php line 392 At public static function isCleanHtml($html, $allow_iframe = false) comment out this code /* if (preg_match('/<[\s]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[\s]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html)) return false; if (!$allow_iframe && preg_match('/<[\s]*(i?frame|form|input|embed|object)/ims', $html)) return false; */
  10. Many thanks for fast reply vekia. I've try TinyMCE editor and checked in class/cms.php but in CMS page the iframe is still not allowed. Look like prestashop 1.5.5 system is not allowed iframe in to the cms database table. But It's ok. I'll roll back to temporary.
  11. Thanks vekia. But It's not working. "back office-->preferences-->general --> allow iframes in html= yes " This function is work only for product description. but in CMS page the iframe is still not allowed.
  12. When add an iframe in CMS page. An errer show "The content field (English (United States)) is invalid."(Prestashop 1.5.5 clean install) But in is work fine. Is there anybody can solve this probem? Best regards.
  13. I would like to disable the order confirmation email to the costumer, because I will send another by my self. Best Regards
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