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  1. Hi I’m trying to find a way to display the manufacturer meta title on product pages (product.tpl) and the manufacturer list (manufacturer.list.tpl). I have tried both {$manufacturer.meta_title} and {$manufacturer->meta_title} and neither work, nothing displays. I’m using Prestashop version The reason I need it is because I’m using manufacturers as music artists, so each one has a first name and last name. Many of our products also have simply the artist name as the product title, so both in order to not duplicate urls and for the benefit of having the manufacturer list in alphabetical order by surname (which we want) I have given each manufacturer the title in the format of ‘lastname, firstname’. I then do ‘firstname lastname’ in the meta title. This means on the individual manufacturer pages I get the page title as ‘firstname lastname’ (both in the meta and on the page, because {$manufacturer->meta_title} works on manufacturer.tpl, but not anywhere else.) Is there a way of writing a function that would call the manufacturer meta title to print on product and manufacturer list? Or any other solution? Any help gratefully received!! Thank you!
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