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  1. Hi guys this may seem a bit deviated but i just wanted to find if this is possible in prestashop or not. I want a system so that i can create a product with a form. the user enters some details and submits. the checkout process is initiated. it is possible to do. I mean can a form be created in the product and the details sought from user and then processed upon submit as a product. please advice. thanks in advance.
  2. thanks. maybe pagination can be introduced in further versions since i think it might be required. anyways i'll have to do it this way only. thanks again.
  3. Hi i searched but couldnt find anything relevant. Please help. how to add pagination to CMS pages if content in page is too much. I want only a certain amount of content to show on page and pagination to be there so that user can click on next page and see more content. rather than having all content (which is quite large) to be displayed on one page. Can this be done? kindly advice. thanks in advance.
  4. hi i've just installed. i'm using prestashop it is only showing the button 'follow mydomain' in the box and nothing else. plz advice
  5. hi i tried to upload it but it says "Error while extracting module (file may be corrupted)." i tried the file from this forum and from your site, but both have this problem. plz help i'm using ver It's Okay now. It was showing error, but it was there in modules. i installed it and now it's okay. thnx anyways. will try it out.
  6. Hi can you please help me. plz advice which files i should upload and to which folder to restore the particular CMS page from backup. Plz. Thnx in advance.
  7. hi i tried with firefox and it opened the admin page. i edited the content a bit. now the page is displaying but i have lost quiet a bit of data from that page ??? dont know why. Any ways i'll have to upload the backup file. plz can you tell me which files i should upload and to which folder for the CMS page. thnx in advance
  8. i didnt modify any file. i was just updating daily content on the CMS page through Tinymce editor. so maybe if i can upload the file from last backup.
  9. can i try to upload the backed up file of before i edited the content y'day. which file should i upload and where? plz advice
  10. yes IE same problem. hangs. And it shows on the left bottom corner "downloading 2 items left /themes/prestashop/css/global.css" can this be a clue
  11. hi plz find this screen when it keep loading
  12. screen now. i'll just load another screen when it keep loading
  13. Sorry it froze the chrome. i'll just prepare some screens and load them
  14. hi vekia, it shows blank in console, but i think it's because it's not loading now it has frozen that particular tab. it's just showing the loading going on but nothing is happenning. not even closing
  15. Hi, On a particular CMS page backend the TinyMCe editor is not loading and this caused the enitre admin panel to freeze. This happenned when i was editing the page. I have a table in this page with text and small pictures. Now the Webpage of this CMS page has become totally misaligned and all elements have gone haywire. Please help. I am using Prestashop
  16. hi sorry to sound stupid but i uploaded the module to my 'modules' section. but i cannot seem to find it there. what is the name i shud search for. i am searching for exportorders. plz help. thnx
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