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  1. This was the reason for me. The statsdata module uses array shorthands, which are incompatible with PHP < 5.4 If you use PHP 5.3, replace line 108 in modules/statsdata/statsdata.php: $this->context->controller->registerJavascript('modules-plugindetect', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/js/plugindetect.js', ['position' => 'bottom', 'priority' => 150]); with: $this->context->controller->registerJavascript('modules-plugindetect', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/js/plugindetect.js', array('position' => 'bottom', 'priority' => 150)); The bug seems fixed in latest development branch on github. (In other news, this module compares versions using lte instead of version_compare, which will break the conditionals on 1.6.10)
  2. Works fine for me in - have you altered the ps_feature_product table and deleted class_index.php?
  3. Feature value order Module for adding custom ordering support to feature values. INSTALLATION The module contains overrides to the FeatureValue class and the AdminFeaturesController admincontroller. If you have one of these overriden already, you will need to rename the module's "override" folder and add the overrides manually. Otherwise, upload and install as normal. CONFIGURATION / USAGE Enable the features that need custom ordering on the module configuration page. The feature values are now sortable under the feature's administration page. LAYERED NAVIGATION SUPPORT Download blocklayered.zip, extract and replace it into your modules/blocklayered folder. Alternatively, patch it using the provided patch. v1.0.0-featureorder.zip v2.0.4-blocklayered.zip
  4. Run the following SQL-query: ALTER TABLE `ps_feature_product` DROP PRIMARY KEY, ADD PRIMARY KEY( `id_feature`, `id_product`, `id_feature_value`);
  5. 1.6 version attached. select-multiple-features-values_1.6.zip
  6. Just add the getZoneById method to the definition override. Address.php
  7. Can you give an example of which e-mails you don't want sent, since I don't see any reason why you would have to do this?
  8. Under Order > Statuses in BackOffice, you can set up which status changes should send e-mails.
  9. Prestashop's override functionality does not allow overriding module classes. This module is only for managing core overrides (classes and controllers found in PS_ROOT/classes and controllers, respectively). If you need to change a module, the easy way would be to copy and rename it. It should, theoretically, be possible to extend it in a new module, but I have never tried that, so I don't know what problems may arise.
  10. To hide zero star results, you will have to modify your stars.tpl file as follows: {if $average_total >= 1} (old content) {/if} I have no plans on extending this module.
  11. Hi, You can make elements under the smoke clickable by using pointer-events: none; in the smoke style (for every browser except IE).
  12. Hello, The override folder in the module follows the same structure as Prestashop's ordinary overrides folder, eg if you want to override the class ImageType, you place your override in the file "overridemanager/override/classes/ImageType.php". You should not copy entire modules to this folder (?), only the content of the module's override folder in that case. I have the module up and running fine on a PS 1.5.5 instance. Hope this helps.
  13. That's kind of steep when you can get one for free
  14. Shouldn't be a lot of work to make a module that does this. Luckily, I got some free time atm, brb
  15. I'm not certain I understand what you're trying to do. You shouldn't use any date formatting in the condition.
  16. If I'm not mistaken, that is due to HTML minification. You can turn it off under Advanced Parameters > Performance > CCC (In a production environment enabling it is recommended)
  17. Hello, sorry for late reply. Try the attached file. Turn off (or clear) cache before testing (Backoffice > Advanced Parameters > Performance) ProductSale.php
  18. Hello, try {if ($smarty.now >= strtotime('October 21, 2013 12:00:00 GMT'))} <div class="topbar">my message</div> {/if}
  19. Try add the attached file to your override\classes folder, then delete the file cache/class_index.php, and see if it works. (PS 1.5.5) ProductSale.php
  20. Hello, Unfortunately, the product reference is not exposed by the function determining the bestsellers. You need to alter the query (preferrably in an override) in the ProductSale::getBestSalesLight() method to include the field p.reference.
  21. Not sure if I understand you correctly, but might fetch() be what you're looking for? Ex. $smarty->assign(array( 'your_var' => $your_value, )); return $this->context->smarty->fetch(_PS_MODULE_DIR_ . 'your_module/your_tpl.tpl');
  22. Hi there, PrestaShop has built in customizations so you can add text- and filefields to your products. There is however, to my knowledge, no way to apply price rules to these customizations. There might be a module available for it, but I haven't seen any. It is entirely possible to create such a module, but at first glance, it sounds like quite a bit of work.
  23. Thanks, posted. Can't see why this would be 'off-topic' though
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