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  1. Oh, I did not have "force compile" turned on, I am now making some progress!
  2. i have also tried editing footer.tpl as well, it seems as though there is some sort of block on editing the theme.. is this possible and how can I get round it ?
  3. thanks, that is the file I am editing, but the software is ignoring my edits somehow i have tried many different edits, including just having a blank header.tpl file and it still shows the same thing, how is this possible? i am definately, 100% editing the correct theme files
  4. thanks vekia, which file is this in ?
  5. now having problems removing the logo from the header, i have tried lots of things including removing the code from the header.tpl file in the theme thoughts ?
  6. i like the first one! thanks! i was thinking somewhere along those lines, i was just wondering if you guys knew of an easier way!
  7. Hi guys, Been trying to get Prestashop running for a few days with a half decent theme. Really struggled to find anything for 1.5x so I went with 1.4.10 I have installed the vp_beststore theme unfortunately my logo is too big for the theme's header i have tried changing various things in the css files to varying degrees of success but not managed it yet can anyone point me in the right direction here is the store at the moment: URL REMOVED
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