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  1. Boa Tarde, Existe algum módulo de pagamento feito com a Unicre? Já investiguei e vi o RedUnicre que é uma plataforma online criada por eles mas não consigo encontrar nenhum módulo para o Prestashop. https://www.redunicre.pt/ Abraço, Rocha
  2. It is possible to change the name of the bar in Module "Link Block"? Once you have configured the module, I cannot modify the bar that is on top of the various links that i insert. As can be seen in the following pictures. Is there any options to change it? Regards, Jorge Rocha
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem with the multiple shop's. I already have created more than one shop with the tool multiple shop. But i'm having the problem with creating a button in my shop to redirect to another shop. I don't know if i need to create a module or if i have a tool to do that function. Regards, Jorge Rocha
  4. Did you have install a payment module? or unistall any payment module? What changes did you make?
  5. Hi to all, I am developing an application to show the frontoffice only product associated with one currency. The application I'm doing, when you change the site to the currency type, there are products that have static values​​. So I come here to this forum to ask, how do I relate one type of product to a value in PHP code. Regards, Jorge Rocha
  6. Good Afternoon, I'm doing a module which have a connection to the database. Where can I find the information for me to connect to Database? I need to get all names of products and currencies to connect this to attributes. Regards, Jorge Rocha
  7. Hi again, Is it possible to relate a product to a code, like barcode or a ID? I need to relate each product to a different code, and i dont want to create 200 equal products in the store. Regards, Jorge Rocha
  8. Hello again. It is possible to fix a coin on a product? This is a product to be in euros even if you change eg the currency of the website for dollar, remains always with the euro value. Regards, Jorge Rocha
  9. But it is not possible to create a product to sell, called voucher with a fixed price on a currency only?
  10. good day I know it's possible to create a product called voucher but do not know where I create. I need to create a voucher with a fixed price, even when you change the currency of the site. Do not know if it's possible to do ... Regards, Jorge Rocha
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