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  1. Hello, When I try to add o product to the cart, it doesn't add it, the first time I try. The second time it does work. What could this be? www.45kmparts.nl
  2. Hello, See my webshop for more information www.45kmparts.nl When you click a product, on the product details tab, it should show the reference number, but it doesn't. Nothing has been changed. If I use the standard theme, it also doesn't work. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I already purchased the module but perhaps you can give me a year extra of free updates? I can translate in dutch and spanish.
  4. Just downloaded the update 1.6 but it doesn't seem to install right. Also it says v1.5 in the module tab. When I try to install the update I get an error "Not possible to overwrite installation: The method run in the class Controller is already overwritten". Any solution for this?
  5. When will the update come out for Prestashop 1.6? I bought this cache system when it was supposedly also for 1.6 but a lot of features aren't working correctly, but the speed is great.
  6. This problem isn't actually the same as I had. My error actually cleared itself after a day. So I still don't know what caused it. Your problem can be related to the multistore function. I actually have the same problem. I can only see the tree when I select "all shops", but if I select 1 shop, it doesn't work.
  7. I meant the complete banner, not just the image. But I saw that my attachments weren't uploaded. Normal: Hover:
  8. I have Prestashop 1.6.06, but it doesn't change anything in de country tab.
  9. Is there a simple way to change the fields in the registration form?
  10. The association tab just gives a blank screen when I try to edit a product or create a new one. Any solutions?
  11. Is there a way to change the payment banner from the "iDeal" payment method to match the one from bank transfer? See attached files for more information Normal: Hover:
  12. It seems you don't have acces to the database for some reason. Did you contact your hosting provider for this. Or did it work in the past?
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