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  1. Hallo Since I found no module to change the amount of shipping costs after the order, I'm just programming a small update by myself; I had to figure out how PS code is structured, but 50% of work is already done, and I hope to complete the rest soon. Now I'd like to ask again if someone knows a fast way to disable shipping costs showing on the site; putting costs to 0 trigger a "free delivery" writing... is there someone who knows a better way? Any help would be really appreciated! :-) Kind regards Alex
  2. Hello is there really no one using Prestashop for B2B with payments via invoice? It sounds so strange to me... if you know of a good module (free or to buy) please let me know; I have few time and a lot of details to tune... it would be great to find something to just download and install! :-) Thanks a lot Alex
  3. Hallo just a quick update to say that I've found this topic about the impossible change of shipping costs from backoffice after a customer order. Is this really so? Isn't there a way to simply add the shipping costs after a customer order? Sound so strange to me... Any help is appreciated; thanks in advance! Alex
  4. Hello I'm quite new to Prestashop and I'm trying to quickly configure a new B2B shop. I have a question: is there a way to hide shipping costs without the annoying write "It's free!"?? I explain you: I have to sell with invoice payment (30 days), and since I have also (but not only) heavy and bulky articles, I have to manually calculate the exact amount of shipping cost. So I'm searching for a method to let people choose the preferred shipping method without specifying its cost. How can I do this? I'm aware that I can specify rules for calculate shipping costs based on weight/volume fo articles, but I'd really prefer to simply hide those costs, and comunicate the amount to customer later. Thanks for your help, it would be really appreciated! Kind regards, Alex
  5. Hallo I'm working with Prestashop from a couple of days and I need help for a site I'm developing: how can I insert a "30 day invoice" between my payment methods? I looked for a module but I didn't find any; should I modify some other module (like pay by check or pay by bank wire) or is there a free module somewhere? Thanks a lot for your help, I tried to find something in google and in this forum but every time I only find modules/guides to modify the PDF invoice instead of the payment methods Kind regards, Alex
  6. Hi Aany I was wrong; as soon as I provided translations for the email, the module works fine! My bad! Thanks a lot for helping me, and kind regards Alex
  7. Hi Aany I just followed your instructions; created new folder, mad a new zip file, deleted old module and installed the new one... but unfortunately I still don't receive any email. My version of PS is and as I told you I've already received emails from the website, so it's not a problem of email itself. How could I make some sort of debug? I found in customerupdatenotification.php the following code commented; echo '<script type="text/javascript">'; echo 'console.log(Name:'.dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/)'; echo '</script>'; I've substituted it with this, and then uploadad the file via ftp in the modules folder: echo '<script type="text/javascript">'; echo 'console.log(Name:'.dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/)'; echo 'alert(\'hi\');'; echo '</script>'; Unfortunately I get no alert... BTW can I upload changes directly via ftp or have I to create a zip file every time and upload it from modules administration?!? I'm sorry to bother you, I'm just trying to improve my knowledges over PS :-) Thanks a lot Alex
  8. Hello Aany Thanks a lot for your reply, and for explaining where to deactivate accounts on creation. My shop is indeed in german and italian, but I thought that the standard email (english) would have worked. I'm very new to prestashop and I'm doing my best to complete a b2b website in few time. If you tell me where to look for translations inside your module I will try to add languages by myself. I'm sorry to ask you for further informations; probably I could find the answer by myself, but I'm actively working on many duties about this new website and every help to shorten my work would be appreciated! :-) Thanks a lot and kind regards Alex
  9. Hello, I just tried to install your module in my but I didn't managed to make it works... I've installed it and activated, but when I try to deactivate and then reactivate an account, no email is sent. As you said, I make the activation from the edit page and then save the changes; I see no error messages, but I don't receive email. Please note that I'm running prestashop for the first time, but I have already received other emails from this test installation, so I'm sure it's not a problem with the email itself. Have you ideas? Please help me if you can, your module is exactly what I need for my shop!! Thanks in advance Alex BTW: how can I disable the automatic validation of new user? I want to activate accounts manually... but I don't find the way! Can you help me?
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