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  1. Hi! I need to know if there is a module that hides products, categories, and manufacturers depending on the country the visitor is in. I began working on a new module that does that but I have encountered a lot of problems. I also need help to know how to use the geolocation feature or if I need my own way of getting the visitor's origin. I'm also trying to override other modules such as blockviewed, blocknewproducts, blockmanufacturer, etc so the product I choose doesn't show. Is this possible? Or do I need to create my own version of these modules? What would happen if those modules eventually are updated? Thank you very much
  2. Hi! I'm looking for exactly the same. I need to hide products, categories, and manufacturers depending on the visitor's IP address. Also, if the product is disabled, it should not appear in the rest of the modules in the homepage like Most viewed, Recent products, etc. Thanks
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