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  1. hi

    some products are very expensive and in stock at their company , like for example a big profesional projector costs 9000 euro and is sold once a year , and its not in stock in our store,. but it is in stock at the company distributor. So if a customer orders it i have to get paid in advance , and order it from the company. Can i remove the cod option from this product and have only the ban wire as payment option ?

  2. i reindexed my shop like 5 times , i hit in back office ( ταινια αλουμινιου ) and i get the product , i hit in front office the same ( ταινια αλουμινιου) and i get nothing , and it does the same in many grrek character searches.  any help ?  in back office any search with greek works 100% ok , but in front office not working.

  3. +1


    Oops, it's about Cloud. My bad!


    PrestaShop Cloud is limited. Waaaay too limited!


    It is apparently not suitable for your store. You might be better off by hosting PrestaShop yourself.

    if i host it myself with a vdsl line 10mbps upload will it work ? how can i make any ip user unique ? now i see (on whois online) many time the same ip 50 times inside my shop , its sure a bot. doesnthis multiple times 1 ip slow my shop ? how can i make any ip incomer to be unique . maybe from an internet cafe 5 users that are  in myshop with same ip can not surf inside my shop but this is very very rare to happen .

  4. i always get this very often and i cant work . ( Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User pfr2140160 already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections )



    now both backoffice and front office are down for many time


    Prestashop says that it is a limit from the system .  what ?  i have 1 window open to update a product .

    if the software simultaneously hits in several parts of the db or sql , it is not my problem .  has anyone else the same issue ?



  5. καποια ειδη πωλουνται ανα συγκεκριμενες ποσοτητες και οχι 1 ενα . πωλουνται ανα 10αδες ή 20αδες  .    οταν πληκτρολογει ο πελατης 13 και κανει add to cart να προσθετει 20 στο καλαθι.οταν πληκτρολογει 38 να κανει 40 add to cart απο μονο του . Σιγουρα εχει κατι αλλα δε μπορω να το βρω , το oscommerece to ειχε εδω και 10 χρονια  αυτο το πραγμα-δυνατοτητα .

  6. εχω τρελαθει στο διαβασμα , αλλα δε μπορω να το βρω .

    Πως πουλαμε πακετα ?


    Δηλαδη 10 η 20 η 30 η 40 η 50 και ουτω καθεξης .


    Οταν καποιος πελατης γραφει 13 να προσθετει 20 απο αυτο το προιον στιο καλαθι .

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