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  1. Hi Ndrou, thanks for posting! I will have a look and see whether that works. Thanks again, Sebastian
  2. Hi Daniel, unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a solution to include a common code - I settled with maintaining all emails separately. I standardized the layout of the code, so I would be able to quickly find and replace the footer code. Greetings, Sebastian
  3. Hi Vekia, unfortunately not. I have a few recurring texts (thank you note, questions disclaimer, legal disclaimer, corporate address, etc.) which I would like to place in emails at different placed. My goal is to only have 1 html file each to maintain the source, but the flexibility to include / exclude and shuffle the same info in the email templates. Maybe there is a way to enable a php include within the html templates? Any suggestions highly appreciated!
  4. Hi, I am trying to include a html file (my email footer) into my html email templates. However, php include functions would now work in those files. Any way to solve that? I would not want to maintain x number of email footers and other recurring components... Thanks!
  5. Thanks, vekia! I integrated your suggestion into 1.5.4 and it works perfectly. Thanks for your help! Also, I tweaked it a bit: Put it in a div to unbold it when inserting it in the product description cell in the cart; changed the order of name and value of the features; but a line break, so that each feature is displayed on a separate line. <div class="normalfeaturesfont"> {assign var='features' value=Product::getFrontFeaturesStatic($cookie->id_lang, $product.id_product)} {if isset($features) && $features} {foreach from=$features item=feature} {if isset($feature.value)} {$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}: {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} <br/> {/if} {/foreach} {/if} </div>
  6. Did any of you guys update that check for the newer paypal version in 1.5.4? I am tried quite a bunch of options but I cant bring it to work... (I was able though to integrate it in the wire transfer and my other credit card processor). Thanks!
  7. I read many postings about how to add products weight to the cart - however, I am not sure how to add a custom product feature (lets say height or weight) to a column in the shopping cart. Anyone solved this one yet? This is quite important as here in the EU, shop owners need to show important specs / features of the products to the customers in the shopping cart summary...
  8. It seems that mail.php has changed in 1.5.4 - how can I put a second image in the emails there? Thanks!
  9. Hi Guys, I am using the built in jqZoom (1.5.4) as product zoom and I noticed that the thickbox images (the large, zoomed-in image version) takes quite some time to load. Is there a way to a) preload all large images on the product page once the page loaded? and show a loading icon when the image is not loaded fully yet and the user hovers to see the zoomed in version? From different posts I learnt that 1.5.4 uses an older version of jqZoom which does not have all the features than in the current version - also I tried updating jqZoom to the new version, but this didn't work either. There must be some way to tweak the jqZoom version which comes with 1.5.4... (Before I moved to PrestaShop, I was using BigCommerce - there this functionality was there out of the box). I am guessing others must have experience similar issues. How did you resolve this? Thanks!
  10. I followed the instructions from post #100 and it worked in 1.5.4. One thing I noticed are that the second images are not pre-loaded - as a result there is a slight time lag between when you hover over an image and when the 2nd image shows. Any of you figured out how to adjust the code to load the 2nd images already on page load and not only on hover?
  11. Were you able to solve that issue or find a work around?
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