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  1. All sorted! I actually just changed the encoding on the import in phpmyadmin which sorted the problem. Everything was very easy, I just exported the table and then imported it back once I had made all the changes. Thanks for the help! How do i mark this as solved? Cheers, Alex
  2. OK so i have been doing some spreadsheet work today (fun...) I created a CSV file to import into phpmyadmin which works OK except for spanish characters. I have the word bebé as the first keyword for spanish keywords but only beb is imported into the keywords. Is there something i can do here? it looks like the é is acting like a comma and ending the column.
  3. Thank you very much I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know how it goes!
  4. Hi All, I have been making a prestashop site for a while now and have almost got it all set up and ready to roll. I have just done all the SEO meta data for each category and this took me about 3-4 hours in total to do 6 categories in 2 languages. I have just had a look at my products and now I have to do the SEO meta data for these aswell! I have around 90 products on the site and can't see that entering all the meta data manually is the best possible option here. Is there a table or tables which i can access via the SQL backend of the database for prestashop? Basically I want to create all the SEO data in a spreadsheet and then possibly run an SQL query against the database to enter all this data into each product. Is there another option here which is free or cheap? Or is this possible to do? Many thanks for any help! If you wish to look at the site in the making it is currently hosted at alexcarter.biz. Many Thanks, Alex
  5. thank you very much this worked a treat!
  6. Hi, I have edited the css in modules\css\product.css to align the attributes on the product page to the left in my site: www.alexcarter.biz. It has aligned the text elements but not the quantity box or the add to cart button. Is there something else i need to edit to align them to the right? Thanks, Alex
  7. OK i have done that now, looks good, thanks for the reply. I have also managed to edit the product list css in global as well to make the description section larger, thanks for all the help guys!
  8. thanks for the quick reply, it looks like a viable solution but is there no way to do it using the text-align in css so that when new categories are added it center's automatically?
  9. OK, i have managed to get a rounded border around each product. Thanks for the help! Whilst i am here is it possible to center the blocktopmenu?
  10. OK so i have edited the image sizes to be the correct size on the product page. Regarding editing css on product grid layout. I have found the following sections of code in the html when using firebug: <li class="ajax_block_product first_item item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product alternate_item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product alternate_item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product alternate_item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product alternate_item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product item clearfix"> <li class="ajax_block_product last_item alternate_item clearfix"> inside each of these there is: <div class="center_block"> I am guessing i need to edit the center block what amendments would i need to make? I would also like to put a border around each product, can i just select each class from the above and add a border to them?
  11. Cheers for the answers! i've made the changes to my css file and it seems to have worked! I am quite happy to make changes to the css file as i am familiar with CSS and can read it, i am just not sure which classes/id's to edit. Where would i need to make the changes to change the size of the product-list.tpl? I need to make the thumbnail's bigger, allow more space for text above the add to cart button and have 3 products per line if possible? Many thanks for the help so far!
  12. Hi, On my website www.alexcarter.biz If you look at the product listing, it shows the products in a grid view. The problem i have is that the banner which would usually show the word new doesn't have the word new for starters and also it does not display over the image, instead it displays to the right. I am guessing the text is probably a CSS problem but i can't work out why it shows to the right of the image rather than over it? I would also like to make the images bigger, can you just do this by recreating the thumbnails at a different size? The problem of making them bigger though is that the description gets cut off by the add to cart button, is it possible to change the height of the description section as well? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  13. I have updated the file but it has not changed the arrows on the website, is there something else i need to do?
  14. Thank you very much for the help, i will get it repainted!
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