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  1. Hello everyone, I want some advice In terms of SEO which is better choice Prestashop v1.2.5 or v1.5.6. We are very grateful for your advice. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, Want some advice In terms of SEO which is better choice Prestashop Prestashop v1.2.5 or v1.5.6 We are very grateful for your advice. Thanks
  3. Views, opinions between the two versions, especially about seo Hello, all I use prestashop 2010, know a few things about prestashop. After a clean install prestashop1.5.6 have seen a fall in GOOGLE. So please your opinions about SEO between the two versions.
  4. I extend a warm welcome to all users in Romania being new to PrestaShop meaning to ask this question PrestaShop I know there can erase comenzilor.Pe I am interested in this: delete command with no 5 such orders and we remain in jobs with no BO. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8. Can anything be done to take the No. 5 position in the new orders Thank you If empty ps_orders, ps_orders history, ps_cart in phpmyadmin and at zero slipps invoice and delivery of doing something bad admin / /?
  5. Daca golesc ps_orders,ps_orders history,ps_cart din phpmyadmin si aduc la zero invoice si delivery slipps din admin fac ceva rau//?
  6. Adresez un calduros salut tuturor utilizatorilor prestashop din ROMANIA Fiind novice in ceea ce inseamna prestashop va adresez urmatoarea intrebare Stiu ca exista posibilitatea stergerii comenzilor.Pe mine ma intereseaza urmatorul lucru: stergem comanda cu nr 5 de exemplu si ne ramine in orders BO comenzile cu nr. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8. Se poate face ceva pentru avea din nou pozitia nr 5 in orders Va multumesc
  7. Salut, Sunt nou in prestashop si doresc sa stiu cum as putea sa traduc modulul feedback in romana ca sa imi apara in pagina fara erori http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/61451/third_party_modules/module_feedback VA MULTUMESC
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