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  1. After a 'total fail' by my current hosting provider Gandi.net to switch off varnish or assist me in order to do so, I am now looking for a new hosting service. I welcome the forums suggestions on hosting with prestashop, but please tell me why you consider a particular hosting service is recommended for use? I'm using Thanks to all for your help on this issue
  2. Thanks to Dh42 So to sum up this issue, it is fair to say that 'varnish cache' as provided by some hosting providers is NOT suitable for many if not most e-commerce web sites. This is a point I am now taking up with my hosting provider Gandi.net. I await their point of view. Thanks to all who have looked into this issue from the start, and particularly 'template monster' for excellent after sales support. For my part I am today still not in a position to build onto my shop my stock images, remove my placeholders or change the background image. Did I make a classic 'newbie' error by taking on a hosting provider without fully understanding the services they offer? I think so - but I was following the recommendations of another prestashop user at the time. You live and learn
  3. Today I'm looking at my hosting providers advice 'how to deactivate the Varnish cache'. Guys, is there not an issue here between prestashop and varnish cache function? It looks as though I am about to start deactivating and then re activating the cache just to put up new stock images or change backround etc. This can't be right? I know I'm a newbie here, learning as I go, but surely someone else out there has seen this varnish cache issue before? A better solution from prestashop is what? please....... I've lost loads of time on this
  4. To update those of you kind enough to show interest in this issue ..... Stll no response from Gandi.net re how to disable the 'varnish cache'.................... I have flagged this up again with them a further 3 times since the last post. Not good Is anyone familiar with the Gandi control panel? Is it possible to make the 'adjustments to the cache myself? how?
  5. Hi DH42 Thanks for looking at this. I'm on using Gandi.net hosting provider. I'm a newbie and don't fully understand what is happening here. I'll try to answer your questions as accurately as possible:- I have been unable to make changes to any images on my site for 8 days or more. I understood it was a 'cache problem' but didn't know what 'varnish' was before Gandi.net mentioned it. As this is the hosting service provider describing the http accelerator I assume it is fully implemented. I don't know what is a cpanel plug in, sorry. My site will be selling cycling wear, so will require updating for stock updates and new arrivals or promotionals. Some stock is very limited supply and collectable, so a potential for higher turnover of new images and descriptions. I appreciate your help. Thanks
  6. Hello El Patron, Here below is the response from my hosting provider: By default, static elements are cached for 120 seconds. But it seems that your application set a different value of "max-age" : curl -I http://velofrance.fr/themes/theme673/img/images/bg-main.jpg HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Apache/2.4.6 Last-Modified: Tue, 13 May 2014 06:35:18 GMT ETag: "5674-ec0f8-4f942446e1602" Cache-Control: max-age=2592000 Expires: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 23:43:59 GMT Content-Type: image/jpeg Content-Length: 966904 Accept-Ranges: bytes Vary: Host Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 23:43:59 GMT Connection: keep-alive Via: 1.1 varnish Age: 0 As you can see it here, the value of max-age is high : 2592000 seconds which is 30 days. I then invite you to check your settings' application. You probably have a caching module enabled that specify this duration. I am at your disposal should you need any further information. Best regards, I would appreciate any advice to help resolve this. And any thoughts on why it happens and how to avoid it? Good for me my shop is not yet live. Many thanks
  7. Hi El patron Thanks for taking a look at this. I have repeatedly asked them to do this (disable the varnish cache) I don't know how to do this myself? they are soooo slow in responding to my email alertes! Its the obvious thing to do so I'll keep asking them to get on with it and come back here as soon as I know more.
  8. My shop has been 'frozen' now for 7 days! I can not update anything on the site. I'm using Hosting provider is now blaming prestashop software for the issue Purge of the server cache failed to make any progress,It appeared to be ignored. the theme template provider has tested the shop finding that no changes are possible even if you delete a file it remains on the frontend! (thanks to template monster for excellent after sales support). Can anyone shed any light on this issue please? Prestashop moderators please can you advise? should I upgrade away from I really need to get to work so this is URGENT guys. Thanks
  9. Thanks for asking about the cache on your Gandi Simple Hosting. As you may know, we use the Varnish cache system and on the instance itself we have an opcode cache using APC. All of your content should refresh on request, so while there may be a few minutes delay between the time you upload an image, say, to the website and the time it is available to users, you should be able to hit refresh on the browser and get the new content after that time. If you don't it is possible that the software itself is not interacting properly with cache - you can fix this rare occurrence temporarily by clearing the cache. SO STILL NO PROGRESS AS THE 'PURGE' DID NOT WORK! They are suggesting prestashop software has a problem with the hosting cache? SHOULD I UPGRADE AWAY FROM 7 days now and I am still unable to work with my shop! Help anyone?
  10. Now 5 days since I was able to make any changes to my website and no solution in sight! Help anyone? My hosting provider supplied a link to purge the cache they called 'varnish' but so far it didn't work at all. Obviously I have asked them to advise me again regarding problems at their end but can anyone please add any information to this senario so I can move forward ..... I NEED to start selling! I can provide screen shots or anything else required to clarify the situation. I'm using version Thanks
  11. Here is an update regarding this issue... Your issue is related to some cache mode at your hosting server, especially if you use CDN. We disabled all cache options in your admin panel and tried changes with your images for testing and no one change was shown at your frontend. For example, http://velofrance.fr/themes/theme673/img/images/bg-main.jpg is your background image, but it will continue showing at your website, even if you delete that. Thus, we advice you to contact your hosting provider and ask about cache modes installed at your server. It seems one of them causes that problem. Best regards, Technical Support Team ____________ Help Center: http://info.template-help.com Support Chat: http://template-help.com/chat Obviously a big thank you to the template support team. They have been excellent! I am now taking this up with my hosting service.
  12. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/sport/8014-responsive-bikes-store.html This is the responsive bike theme with the 'standard background' I am using. To the left of this background image is a barbed wire fence which I have 'masked out' using photo elements 12. Like I said, the image is now ok on both local and server side - but my site does not update ANY image changes. For your information I have requested help from the template provider/developer who are looking into the issue for me.
  13. Hi Vekia I'm sure on this? My shop is not live. Are you asking for my login panel and login details? Is there a secure environment available for me to do that?
  14. Hi I thought I had a small problem when I updated a background image and it didn't show up after updating by FTP. I checked the cache and all is ok. Today I tried to change another image within a module and this wil not update either. It seems I can't make any changes. The FTP transfer is ok and the files look fine both local and serveur side...... Can anyone please tell me what may be causing this and what I can do to fix it? I'm on Thanks
  15. Thanks whispar1 it has corrected the warnings on the dashboard. I still can't get the background image to update, but I should open a new thread for some advice on that. Thanks again for your time.
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