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  1. Good evening first of all thank you very much for giving your time for the prestashop community. YES the problem is solved, and it works on the first try.
  2. Hello thank you for your reply I do not know where it can come from? javascript problem
  3. Hello I always have a blank page. in my file (sizeschart2.tpl) I have it as information? {$ descsc nofilter} in the file sizeschart.php popup and red? I put the module directly on the back office but unfortunately I have a white popup? I also send you 2 screenshots thanks shaker for any help. sorry for my english (google translate)
  4. Hello thank you for your answer, what are the content to fill? does the sizeschart2.tpl file contain something? thank you for your answer and your sharing.
  5. Hello thank you very much for these FREE shares. I have a problem when I click on size I have an empty popup? I work locally on mamp version prestashop 1.7 any help will be welcome Thank you
  6. hello polosat yes I would like to translate that "Rewiew" I translated it on the back office, empty the cache but its still in English. thank you again.
  7. Hello very nice simple module to install and thank you very much for sharing. I have a small problem regarding French translation. as you can see in the photo (review), impossible to translate. I did the translation on the back office (review = star) empty the cache but nothing ny. I will need your help. thank you again. French English translation prestashop 1.7