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  1. solved the redirect problem at newest ps with Tools::redirect('http://YOURURL'); pasted in line 675 (after comment // if register process is in two steps, we display a message to confirm account creation) THANKS
  2. i would be also very interested in this module. Can you please drop me an email. Thx a lot
  3. Hey you guys! I am currently running 3 prestas and have a big problem after upgrading to ... I've already checked the forge & forum but it seems nobody has a similar problem: My problem: Customers can't login on OPC Entering correct login details cause: There is 1 error(s): Authentication failed Any suggestions where I should start searching? Server config? Config (all store running on one server): 1x default store/template - everything standard config just upgraded to from previous version 1x store with modified template (clean install) 1x store with modified template upgraded to (/js in theme upgraded) slight mods on classes. First I was hoping it's an error at my modified templates but after replacing them with default it hasn't solved the problem. Deactivating shorturl (.htaccess) doesn't seem to help too. Thanks!
  4. How to set minimumPurchase amount for a group in Presta if (self::$cookie->id_customer) { $customer = new Customer((int)(self::$cookie->id_customer)); if ($customer->isMemberOfGroup(???)) $minimalPurchase = ???; } replace ??? with your variables!
  5. Same troubles here after upgrading! Solved it by replacing the /js folder within the theme with the new build. I suggest there is some incompatibility located at order-opc.js
  6. mehrere e-mails eingetragen? andere e-mail versucht? e-mail in der mitarbeiterliste? schreibrechte des moduls am server richtig? modulupdate? e-mail einstellungen auf php und smtp umgestellt und probiert? passende mail vorhanden?
  7. Modul konfigurieren -> Keine Ahnung gerade wie es auf der Deutschen Version heißt Es muss eben bei -> "New order: [ ] Receive a notification if a new order is made" ein [X] gesetzt werden in der Konfiguration des Moduls.
  8. 1. Module(s) -> Mail alerts // E-mail Benachrichtigungen aktivieren. 2. Modul konfigurieren! (nur die E-Mail-Adresse eintragen reicht nicht!) 3. Abspeichern nicht vergessen.
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