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  1. Hi Patanock I have messaged you via the presta addon store and your own site trying to get the latest version of the mod. Can you check your messages pls.
  2. Hi there, does anyone know of a module which allows us to purchase used product from customers? We are on PS currently, and we wish to offer to purchase used versions of products from our customers in return for store credit. I found an Agile module compatible with v 1.4 but cannot see all the features, I am assuming there are other options out there. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi Vekia, each payment service will assign a unique transaction reference number for example. In the orders page - documents section of the order screen there is a field for transaction ID that is blank when we test. We also cant find any logging of transaction information in presta backend. Makes more sense?
  4. Is there anyway to see transaction logs related to orders? As we would like to see the payment method and the unique payment transaction id etc for each payment. Does that exist in Presta? We are running PS 1.5.6
  5. Hi Andy, we are thinking of using this module to manage our ebay store, how have you found it? Thanks Rich
  6. Hi Paul Product data supplied by CSV, group pricing driven by formula.. OP is my tech guy
  7. We have a Presta install with multiple stores. We would like to calculate tax as follows: Customer from taxable region/Country Product price inc VAT Which for example is £10 VAT Total For regions that do not incur tax we would like to only show the Product Price and not mention tax, so still show £10 as the price of the product. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Thanks DH42 for replies, bit that mod is not the solution to our issue. Again does anyone know of a way of workaround of countries being in more than one zone?
  9. That still has the same fundamental issue of countries not being able to be in more than one shipping zone.
  10. We use multiple carriers that all tend to group shipping costs to groups of countries. However none of these groups overlap much. We can get round this by creating a shipping zone per country but that is such a massive effort when combined with all the shipping options that its putting us off. If we could add a country to multiple zones it would solve the issue, is it possible, or is there a mod somewhere. We cant be the only people with this issue.
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