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  1. Hi Tomer, since I am going to finalize my new shop with tons of attributes (in fact, where I've had 10-x Products in my old shop there are now per category 4, the rest is done by attributes - and your wonderful AWP ) I could also imagine something like "Parent-Child-Attributes" to let the list of attributes kept shorter. Or, what about solving this with an accordeon-style (which is - okay - no more "state-of-the-art", I guess) ... Thanks again for your Ideas and all what you do for PS;) jens
  2. Maybe, I should think a little longer ... I've got it working this way: Let's say, the lowest number of my categories is 3, then my code is {if $smarty.get.id_category > 3} So now, as the cms-pages are not categories as well as the homepage the blockcart appears only on productpages;) jens
  3. Thank you rocky for posting this! Works like a charm. But to concerns: As I want the blockcart not shown on homepage and all cms-pages, I was trying this: {if $smarty.get.id_cms != 7 OR $smarty.get.id_category != 8} This is producing an error in lines, which aren't affected? When I reduce my coding to {if $smarty.get.id_cms != 7} it works. Any Ideas? And - how should I adress the homepage, wch isn't a cms nor a category? Thanks for helping, jens
  4. Hi Tomer, again, thanks for your wonderful work. Do you think it's possible to implement a function, wich is showing the lowest price of a product with an "starting at" before the price? An example: I have a product, which costs 10,- in the cheapest Version (no attribs chosen), each additional chosen attribute will increase the final price for anothe 5,- So in the productlist as well in the product.tpl I would like to show the lowest price (10,-) like "starting at 10,00" until an attribute was already chosen ... (btw.: It's a due to german e-commerce-rules ...) Thanks for helping, jens
  5. Hi Julien, Thanks for that mod - I love it;) 's functions are all running;) Only one concern: after installation there is a "notice" shown at the top of the page like: Notice: Undefined variable: title in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/prestashop131/modules/jbx_menu/menu.class.php on line 265 What can I do to solve this, do you have an idea?
  6. Ho Patrick, if it's about giving the customer a kind of preselection of attribs, it's easy to do this by the use of radio-buttons. Means, if you are using radio-buttons instead of checkboxes or drop-downs, the attribute at the first position will be automatically selected (and can be changed by the customer, of course). So this way you can set your favourite color selected (as a "recommandation") as well as a "yes - no" selection. just use the radiobuttons Good luck, jens
  7. Hi, search for the "attribute wizard" from "tomerg3" in this forum. This will do exacctly what you are trying;) jens
  8. PS 1.2.5 has the ability to define additional textfield to a product. Unfortunately it's placed at the bottom of the page. As my products are completely customisable your moodule would fit my needs, but is it possible to integrate a textfield as an attribute (for typing informations for engravers, coffecup-printers etc. like me ...) ?
  9. @cagrie: I love cufon as well, I have it running on wp-template (it was preinstalled). So, could you give some hints about how to install it with prestashop? I have no idea ... Thanks in advance, jens
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