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  1. I updated the email address, try again please ;-)
  2. wow.. I will try it and see, thanks! Thank you very much. :-D :-D
  3. I may ask, but would that help me? Is there a way to display this in my shop? I thought, prestashop allows to use the imort tool to show this information "live" from the source .. but its only one-time import as it looks.
  4. PM sent, like I said, they also offer XML feed online
  5. Yes, they provide URL to the XML file or download and [spam-filter] CSV data feeds. Its available online.
  6. No way? No module for this? I just want to show live supplier stock status for each product.
  7. My supplier offers live data feeds on stock status (CSV and XML) and I would like to show my customers the stock information on product pages in my shop, as I do a kind of a drop shipping. So if the supplier has the product in stock, it would show "is stock" on my shop and "out of stock" if the product is not available in thier warehouse. Is this possbile or not? I only see the import tool but I dont know if its updated automatically from the live feed. Please help. thanks
  8. One more question.. If I delete a product that has been ordered by a customer from my catalog, will that product stay in his order so I can process it? According to this reply, it should be so, but I am not sure about the product pictures. thank you
  9. That could work. But.. how about renaming order.php so it goes 404? Wouldnt it work just as well?
  10. Can you please tell me if this also changes the product prices in the active orders that were aleady places but not processed yet?
  11. yeah, this will work and same for the increase: UPDATE `ps_product` SET `price` = `price` * 1.06
  12. I am not retarded. I dont mean main page redirect.. I only want to redirect them if they want to place an ORDER + I already have a message on my main page that I dont process new orders. I simply want to block ordering process without deleting anyhing.
  13. lol, I can as well remove the cart or order.php page, I dont want to do the setup again after that I want to put a simple notice on a page where I would redirect a client who wants to order, I thought there would be a module for this or a feature.
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