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  1. Nevermind. I already found the solution. I had to enable the left column in the theme.
  2. Hi there! Today I was trying to add a left column to my CMS pages. But it's not working. I've deleted the exception in the hook configuration. Can anyone help me out with this please?
  3. Thanks El Patron! The multi-shop has solved my problem. No more redirections but domain pointers with aliasses.
  4. thats a cool feature. Can u tell me where to find a good explanation for using three different domains on one installation and one back office?
  5. Setting up a shop for each domain means 3 back-ends? I need 1 back-end and 1 place to control the quantities.
  6. Hi there, I'm setting up a multi language shop. I use multiple languages and multiple domains. For instance... I have .nl, .be and .de domains. .nl is my default store. The .be domain is redirect to .nl/be/ and the .de is redirect to .nl/de/ When i go to my .nl domain it goes to .nl/nl/ this is no problem for me. but when i go to my .de domain and go back to my .nl domain, the .nl domain keeps bringing me to .nl/de/ I need my .nl domain always located to the .nl/nl/. Does someone know a fix for it? I tried a lot, but nothing seems to help. Thank you.
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