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  1. Hi, Please 1- keep this file and folders /config/settings.inc /upload /download /img and delete other files and folder, from your host 2- download last RTL version 3- extract it on your host without this folders /install /img 4- rename admin folder enjoy
  2. 1-Add to header You can add this to /themes/prestashop/header.tpl and it's displayed on each page 2- Change page width : Open this file : /themes/prestashop/global.css Find this : #page{margin:0 auto 2px;text-align:left;width:980px} And change it
  3. I create two css file for theme, global_rtl.css and global_ltr.css and it's selected by selected language If you select Persian (ISO Code fa), Hebrew (ISO Code il) or Arabic (ISO Code ar) FO and BO theme and PDF go to RTL mode RTL BO theme has problem in IE And will be solved, soon
  4. Java not needed to work with Prestashop Java and Javascript is different You need to enable javascript in your browser
  5. For import language packs Please 1- Set permissions of all files and folders in this folders “/img, /mails, /modules, /themes/prestashop/lang, /translations” and this subfolders to 777 2- Set permissions of this folder “/upload” to 777 3- Enable GZIP in your host 4- Enable file upload in your host
  6. Hi 1- Check permissions Set permissions of all files and folders in this folders "/img, /mails, /modules, /themes/prestashop/lang, /translations" to 777 and set permissions of this folder "/upload" to 777 2- Check GZIP enabled in your host 3- Check GD enabled in your host
  7. Persian translation of prestashop attached to this post and compatible by prestashop 1.2.5 Please read this thread Localized PrestaShop for Persian, Hebrew and Arabic languages fa.gzip
  8. Changes in localized version : 1- RTL theme in front and back office (if Persian, Hebrew or Arabic selected) 2- Javascript and css file compresed 3- Support utf-8 text in PDF by using TCPDF 4- RTL PDF (if Persian, Hebrew or Arabic selected) download lastest version 1- Install it 2- Add Persian, Hebrew or Arabic language 3- Select it Enjoy
  9. Hi You can always download lastest localized version of PrestaShop form my forum in RTL mode install it, add Hebrew and select it ;-) download lastest version download version 1.2.5
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