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  1. I'd like to delete the product after it's bought, since I only make one of each design. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I'm not quite sure how to explain my issue so please feel free to ask me to clarify. I am trying to sell custom earrings in my shop. I want to offer customers a choice of earring wire (since some people have sensitive ears). I add two wire attributes in a group called "Hook" using the combination tool. Group: Hook | Attribute: Regular (price doesn't change) [*This is the default choice] Group: Hook | Attribute: Sterling Silver (+$1.25) Each pair of earrings is only made once, so the quantity of the product should always be "1". But after I add these as options the quantity in my back office says "2". It's like prestashop thinks that I have 2 pairs of this earring design, one with regular hooks and one with sterling silver hooks, when I actually have one pair of earrings with hooks to be determined by the customer. Is there a way to get prestashop to understand that the product has an interchangeable part? I don't want my catalog to say that it has 2 of something it only has one of...but I'd still like to offer my customers a choice. I'd use a custom text field, but I need to charge a little more for the sterling silver and I don't think I could do that with the text field. Thanks in advance!
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