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  1. i can recoment siteground 24/7 live and phone support and it support memcache for only 104€for a year you will need growbig packet, that include unlimeted everything + SSL. exept trafic 25.000 visiters a month Multiple Websites 20GB Web Space Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly All Essential Features click link her for webside
  2. we use prestashop in out virtual shop, and when we sign new customers up, we get the pree reg. next the order and next the full address and next the order msg and the submit order. is there a way i can add a full customer description in first reg from "back office/ admin" so i dont have to do all the steps for sell a product. my shop (users backoffice) think it to hard just for reg 1 customer and make a order like it is to day (from back office) So is there a way i can edit the reg formal when i first reg a customer from backoffice ? Some 1 please help me out is.
  3. when i send a message to the Customer via internal msg system Customer can not respond on it they will get a error code 1.Select Please list an item. and there is no list to select from. do some have the solution for this problem ?
  4. cant find the option for cash payment in the real shop. when i add a order it will automatic do a bank transfer. is that normal. i use prestashop for shop cash register and online shop. is there not a setting i can add for NO PAYMENT. and when i am done i will pick, purchased in store "cash register" i only have paypal, banktransfer, check option now
  5. i have been trying to change customer mail details the customer gets when you buy stuff so fare i cant find ware to do it, and when i try to auto-translate mail i just get a error, the folder i will config don't exist. so i try make the folders it like to have, but still error. can some 1 plz help me out
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