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  1. SSL will help encrypt another customer/order data transmitted to and from your site. It also gives your customers a sense of security. But the extra overhead can slow certain pages down. Unless you implement a credit card payment directly into your site, you don't HAVE to have it.
  2. I recommend zopim which has a good javascript API for method calls and customisation. You can see an example I have implemented on http://www.iparadise.com.au
  3. To change the text colour of the menu items, adjust the color property in: .sf-menu a { display:block; position:relative; color:#000; } By editing the CSS alone, you cannot make only the sale item a different colour from the rest.
  4. I just tried installing a new copy of on a GoDaddy test server and was able to reproduce the problem when choosing Hong Kong. After clearing the database and reinstalling with another country, it was fine.
  5. There is a simple logic way you can do: - Set the price of the item to the original price or something very high. - Create a voucher ONLY for that product and set it to one time use. This voucher will reduce the price to the "special" price.
  6. When i was using 1.3x, I would just create a .php page like the other pages with the: include(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php'); $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'newpage.tpl'); etc... I see now controllers are used now: require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); ControllerFactory::getController('SitemapController')->run(); What is the best way to create my own .PHP pages?
  7. If your site is of any importance to you, you should really be backing up databases as well as all server files. Funny enough the site that got infected for me was just a catalogue with no customers etc.. The real site with transactions was unharmed but I still applied the fix. I would think that after this problem the Prestashop server will be more secure. For the time being we should trust them to identify/fix any more holes and refrain from modifying/deleting code ourselves if it is of no immediate harm. Give them some time.
  8. New finding... the problem is with the product image ajax.
  9. OK, basically I have 50 or so products created from before that won't show the category block. E.g. http://www.ictcentury.com/notebook-accessories/30-90w-universal-notebook-ac-power-adapter-with-led.html All newer products don't have this problem. I have cut down the problem to the AJAX part. When I turn dynamic off, it works fine. Also when you look at the source code, you see the links are actually there but it did not load up to be visible on the browser. I diagnosed this through SeaMonkey Error: invalid 'in' operand h Source File: http://www.ictcentury.com/js/jquery/jquery-1.4.4.min.js Line: 127 h=c.cssHooks[f];b=c.cssProps[f]||f;if(h&&"get"in h&&(e=h.get(a,true,d))!==B)return e;else if(W)return W(a,b,f)},swap:function(a,b,d){var e={},f;for(f in {e[f]=a.style[f];a.style[f]=b[f]}d.call(a);for(f in b)a.style[f]=e[f]},camelCase:function(a){return a.replace(hb,lb)[spam-filter]);c.curCSS=c.css;c.each(["height","width"],function(a,{c.cssHooks[b]={get:function(d,e,f){var h;if(e){if(d.offsetWidth!==0)h=oa(d,b,f);else c.swap(d,kb,function(){h=oa(d,b,f)});if(h<=0){h=W(d,b,;if(h==="0px"&&aa)h=aa(d,b,; Any ideas? I don't think it is an error with the jquery since there is no error for newer products.
  10. Yes you need a bit of experience to integrate the modules, but it won't be hard as all the code is already there. Refer to blockcms.tpl & blockcategories.tpl for what is displayed and blockcms.php & blockcategories.php for how the module works
  11. If you only want to add a single page/link, just edit the .tpl for modules/blockcategories. If you want to merge categories and CMS pages together dynamically so that it will update according to backoffice CMS pages, you will need to integrate the blockcategories and blockcms modules together.
  12. I'm also wondering what condition to put inside if statements for example to check what group. Any smarty variable that is already assigned?
  13. I suggest using the weight system to enable free shipping for selected products. E.g. set the item to 0kg and in the carriers set 0kg to $0.
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