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  1. Arnel, Nope, nothing special. I unzipped the package right from the web, copied it over to my machine and went about configuration. After I had set the preliminaries, I went into each section of the catalog and deleted, one by one, the data that was installed - by default - when the program was setup. I have done no imports, no nothing! Just trying to get the pieces nailed down before I attempt a rollout to production. This shop is installed locally on my development machine. Running Mac 10.6.8 with the default SQL and Apache setup. Have had no issues developing straight websites, creating a webstore for my [spam-filter], or testing out a couple of other store packages. Each have had their problems along the way, nothing big or insurmountable. This one however seems to have thrown a brick through the window and is preventing ANY tax computation from occuring on the cart side. If this isn't something that we can readily get to the bottom of, I will just move ahead. I really don't have the time to spend hours upon hours trying to get one little issue resolved. I appreciate you looking into it for me and I will do what I can to try to get you the information you need, but I also have a business to run... I hope you understand. Thanks again, -DON-
  2. Arncus, Thanks for the reply... and I apologize if my tone was too curt, but I have reached the end of my rope having to repeat what I have already said because folks don't READ or LISTEN carefully and completely. I suppose I was too tired and frustrated to have responded to the first message. Again, my apologies. Now, as to what steps I have taken, EXACTLY the same ones you are taking. I am also on -DON-
  3. This is a fresh install of code downloaded from Prestashop site 3 days ago.... I thought saying I was just starting would indicate this was a NEW store! Anyway, latest version.
  4. I am just getting my store setup and have run into what could be a MAJOR headache. I have managed to solve a couple of other issues, but this one leaves me a bit baffled because I don't know from where it comes or which piece of code I should look at!! The problem is this: I have created a new tax rule because I was not getting ANY taxes applied to purchases from my state, which is the ONLY tax I am collecting at the moment. However, when I save the rule, I get conflicting messages. One message says, "Creation Successful!" but just below that message I have an error box that pops up with: "Bad SQL query Unknown column 'a.active' in 'where clause'" I would appreciate one of you seasoned folks clearing my brain of the fog I am experiencing with this issue.... Thanks a bunch! -DON-
  5. OK, let me chime in here for a moment, if you don't mind. I, like apparently all of you, have struggled hours on end with getting the shipping to work the way we THINK it should work - but obviously doesn't. I spent hours attempting to find out where the problem was, looking over code, checking and double-checking product entries... and to tell you the truth, I never actually found WHERE the problem was (although I think it was between my two stuborn ears!) I have however found a resolution for the problem! These are the steps I took - use your own discretion. First I went into the carriers tab and removed ALL of the carriers there. I then went into the price and weight tabs and removed ALL of the entries there, so basically I started back from ground zero. I then created a new carrier under the carrier tab. I made sure that this carrier was the default carrier for my zone (North America). Next I went to the weight tab and created the weight categories I needed - and this is where I spent about another two hours trying to figure out what I did wrong! Most folks would probably do what I did initally: box #1- weight = 1.000000 lbs box #2- weight = 5.000000 lbs. I then went back to my cart and began to add items, first 1, then 2, then 3... I was feeling pretty good thinking I had finally solved the problem! Then I added item #4 and BLAM!!! My shipping costs went to $158 (the max. amount I was charging for 70 lbs.) I almost fell out of my chair. I began scratching my head, rubbing out what hair I have left. Then a light bulb went off somewhere, don't know if its in my head or when I smacked my forehead so hard I saw stars!!! The problem was right before my eyes and I, like you, have probably been overlooking it all the time! I LOST one pound of weight which the program could not account for between the 4.00000 lbs. and 5.00000 lbs. entry! I went back into my weight tab and changed the first entry to read: 1st box: 1.00000 lbs., and the 2nd box: 5.99999 lbs.. I made similar changes to ALL of the weight boxes. Voila - problem solved! I have added product to my cart and subtracted product, each time the shipping updated correctly. I even have set that I will have free shipping starting with a purchase of $200. When the product cost field hit $200, the shipping charges disappeared and I was left with only the actual product costs. I hope this helps get someone on track to getting the issues with shipping resolved without having to edit code or dance around in circles while howling at a full moon and holding a chicken's feather in your left hand!!!!! -DON-
  6. Mark this one "solved!" Took a bit of looking to find the correct file and then the correct location within the file, but I finally got it and it works like a champ.... Thanks again, -DON-
  7. I want to add a piece of code to the footer.tpl (or where it is appropriate!) that will echo my copyright. Such as: &Copy; Copyright <?php echo date('Y'); ?>–Tees And Beyond. All Rights Reserved. It SHOULD look like this: © Copyright 2013-Tees And Beyond. All Rights Reserved. But, it doesn't. The PHP code will not execute. I know it is written correctly, the page loads and all of the text and the HTML metacodes work correctly. I would like to have this appear in the footer so I don't have to remember to come back each year and modify the year!! Help.... Thanks, -DON-
  8. Hi folks. Small problem I just encountered while importing the localization files.... The Hong Kong file will not import. It immediately generates a Prestashop Exception. Text is as follows: [PrestaShopException] Property Currency->decimals is not valid at line 837 in file classes/ObjectModel.php 831. 832. $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field); 833. if ($message !== true) 834. { 835. if ($die) 836. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 837. return $error_return ? $message : false; 838. } 839. } 840. 841. return true; ObjectModelCore->validateFields - [line 259 - classes/LocalizationPack.php] - [0 Argument] LocalizationPackCore->_installCurrencies - [line 73 - classes/LocalizationPack.php] - [1 Arguments] LocalizationPackCore->loadLocalisationPack - [line 168 - controllers/admin/AdminLocalizationController.php] - [2 Arguments] AdminLocalizationControllerCore->postProcess - [line 158 - classes/controller/Controller.php] - [0 Argument] ControllerCore->run - [line 349 - classes/Dispatcher.php] - [0 Argument] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 50 - admin1955/index.php] - [0 Argument] This is a click and copy of the error, so the formatting is a little different, but the text is exact. I am using the most current version of Prestashop. Any ideas???? Thanks, -DON-
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