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  1. [Free Module] New Price List

    Hi, To install modules in prestashop you can find a guide here. Once you have done this, To import products you can find a guide here, but instead of selecting 'Categories' or products, select NewPriceListImport. And it's for .csv files, so you should be good!
  2. Add a Cart Rule

    Hi, in the tab 'Actions' or 'Conditions' (as shown in your screenshot) you should at least set a rule. Right now you try to make a cart rule that does not give any discount or anything at all.
  3. Import images doesn't work with CSV import

    Did you use a direct link to the images? And where are the images located? Maybe share us some lines of your .csv file, so we can see what's happening. (A online webserver wont be able to get your images if they are located on your local computer.)
  4. Welke precieze Prestashop versie gebruikt u? 1.7.xx? Daarnaast welke php versie gebruikt u? En wat is uw huidige php memory_limit?
  5. Ahh, oke so if this is the case then i would recommend using the default Prestashop order note/message. I think it would be easiest for you to implement something that a order message is required for your customers if they have a product from a certain category. This message should contain their local FFL address.
  6. So if this is the case, you cant automatically refer the customer to a pickup adres right? Then you might not even need that module. This could just be a standard carrier from Prestashop.
  7. I think the easiest would be to use a module like Module Pickup At Store with this module you can import a list of all your FFL stores. Afterwards you can enable this shipping method for your FFL required products and disable all the other shipping methods.
  8. Zoeken met spatie

    Je zou hiervoor de zoekfunctie in de programmatuur kunnen aanpassen zodat alles zonder spatie gezocht word. Maar ik zou aanraden om (misschien met een script, afhankelijk van uw assortiment grootte) de naam met of zonder spatie nogmaals in de product omschrijving terug te laten komen. Het is namelijk met SEO standpunt beter als u ook voor zoekmachines ranked op "MC352" en op "MC 352". Vervolgens kunt u in de backoffice bij "Winkelinstellingen>Zoeken" het gewicht van de beschrijving verhogen.
  9. get store country using $this->context

    Hi, Try this: global $cookie; $LanguageIso = Language::getIsoById( (int)$cookie->id_lang ); echo $LanguageIso;
  10. [Free Module] Personal Salesmen

    In the new version (see the first post) employee's with SuperAdmin profile, can now see everything. This also means IF you have already assigned customer(s) to a single employee.
  11. Heeft u de cache en cookies geleegd, en daarnaast ook de .htaccess overnieuw gegeneerd? Overigens ook de moeite waard om te kijken wat sowieso de instellingen betreft php versie en daarbij open_basedir instellingen.
  12. [Free Module] Personal Salesmen

    That is something you can change without the module already in Prestashop. Go to "Administration>Permissions" then select specific employee profile, and deselect the customers tab(s).
  13. Dit is correct voor het 'Classic' thema die standaard bij Prestashop 1.7 zit. Voor mensen die meer uitleg nodig hebben: In de Backoffice ga naar 'Internationaal>Vertalingen' selecteer dan Vertalingssoort: Thema vertalingen thema: Classic taal: Nederlands (Dutch) Vervolgens in de zoekbalk zoeken naar "Ik accepteer". Pas dan het volgende toe; Ik accepteer de algemene voorwaarden. moet worden: Ik accepteer de [algemene voorwaarden].
  14. 1.7.1 Show Parent Category in product page

    To have a really simple, yet effective solution, i would use the breadcrumb title. You can use this for any level of your category just change the number. {$breadcrumb.links[2].title}
  15. No order status is being returned.

    Looks like some kind of caching problem... just cant seem to find what