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  1. What do you mean by default admin account? AFAIK there is only 1 admin created during the installation with own custom details.
  2. I want to display several cms links in the header, therefore i added them to my header.tpl: {foreach from=$cmslinks item=cmslink} {if $cmslink.id_cms == 3 || $cmslink.id_cms == 4 || $cmslink.id_cms == 5} etc. All works fine if those links are in information block as well. When i remove them from info block they are gone. How do i prevent this from happening? I cant use "{$base_dir}content/url", because i want them to be rewritten for multiple languages. Tnx in advance.
  3. Bedankt. Wat is het verschil tussen de vertalingen op prestashop main page en vertalingen die in dit forum gedeelte worden gepost?
  4. If i understand correctly, you are saying that all multilang urls should be the same to avoid: shop.com/4-portables-apple shop.com/lang-fr/4-portables-apple And the sitemap should look like this: /laptops/ - for english /lang-fr/laptops/ - for french
  5. What i've got from the seo articles i have read so far this issue is totally main url dependant. It should fully cover your product/service in the shortest form. Single words when possible. Good indication of such url is if you can read it in a normal sentence. Good example: Prestashop-free.com/modules/ogone-checkout.html Prestashop-free.com/themes/greenhouse01.html Bad example: (if you decide to offer premium content on such domain) Prestashop-free.com/free-modules/ogone-checkout.html Prestashop-free.com/premium-modules/ogone-checkout.html The issue iam having with prestashop, is that it removes category from product page when you have subcategories: Prestashop-free.com/ Category -> /modules/ Subcategory -> /payment/ogone-checkout.thml /seo/etc.html Product page would result in: Prestashop-free.com/ogone-checkout.html In this example it isn’t that bad, because you are partially covered by your main url. (prestashop, free, ogone checkout). Imagine a site with some random url: ‘prestaproject.com’. In this case removing category is not recommended.
  6. Tnx for the info. Iam dutch and from this point of view your checkout is quick and simple. I like how you offer to create an account by just checking the checkbox. You are using nice web2.0 elements such as big fancy order button and big cart icon. Perhaps you could make other buttons a little bit bigger to fit 2.0 style. You could also address you footer to make it fit your stile, example: split your links in categories with nice big icons just like your cart icon. Those are just minor things i would do if i had nothing more to improve.
  7. Sorry it came out this way, but its really that bad. If you are making sales then its ok i guess.
  8. I have a question about .tpl files. It seems quite a few were modified with minor changes. Should i port those changes to my theme or am i safe to use 1.3.1 theme without modifications?
  9. Green on black is bad design choice. Secondly, you cant read anything without selecting it first. Probably the worst theme i've seen, unless this is a joke.
  10. Email validated, but i have no secret word. It worked in 1.3.1 without secret word.
  11. I get nothing. Moneybookers is enabled and has no country or currency restrictions. It just wont display as payment option when you check out.
  12. After making these changes it still doesnt work:(
  13. Whats that? There is nothing of this sort in moneybookers.php
  14. I was eager to see what changes were made in moneybookers module, but i cant get it to display as a payment option. It did show up 1.3.1 (even without secret word verification). Any idea why? Anyone have it working? Official demo is still 1.3.1.
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