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  1. To by zaujimalo aj mna.Ak sa nemylim Referrs by mal zobrazovat odkazy ktore ludia napisali napriklad do vyhladavaca google a ked sa preklikli na vas eshop tak v backloffice pri referrs by mala byt tato statistika. Viete niekto o tom blizsie?Popripade ako sa to nastavuje?
  2. Posielam vam upravene náležitosti na fakture PDF.php das do ftp do zlozky classes a fpdf.zip rozpakujes a das do ftp tools Samozrejme predtym ako das PDF.php na svoj ftp server pozmen si udaje na vlastne otvor si PDF.php a od riadka 383 Potom v backoffice nastav kodovanie cp1250 a pismo arialmt a vygeneruje sa ti faktura jako mne vid priiloha bolo to dost narocne www.007store.eu www.rvdservices.sk 000016.pdf fpdf.zip PDF.php
  3. try what eck! wrote do you have dreamwever? u can edit and change every .php file with dreamweaver
  4. How you do that?have u got any manual?and which module are u using for export? Thanks
  5. It is incredible is it possible to download this importing module?
  6. I created about 5 products manualy through back office.So in my prestashop there were defaults products from default instalation plus 5 products what I created through back office.Then I used exportproducts module to export data from my webshop. So i downloaded "products.csv" into my desktop.When I opened this .csv file I have seen how prestashop put products into database.Then I modify "product.csv and add about 50 products into "product.csv" throug OpenOffice. Then I upload this file to ftp server into admin folder When I import products.csv through back office it shows me hack attempt. I don t understand that because I add those 50 products into products.csv using exactly the way how prestashop generate. Does anybody have same problem?I thing this is bug.Or how do you guys importing big volume of products into prestashop? I hope you do not add each product via back office.
  7. Hello I am also interested.Is it also in english or only in German My email is [email protected]
  8. aj ja by som take nieco potreboval.Na co sluzi vlastne Import v backofice vsak vobec nefunguje. Viete poradit niaky modul, ktory by importoval cez .csv?
  9. Ok Imwood That export looks fine... good job. Once there will be also import it will be powerful tool.
  10. Hello Imwood I done what zou told me and it works I was able to create products.csv and it was located in modules folder in exportproducts in ftp. But how can I import it back to prestashop once I modify products.csv I tried it through "import" in administration panel but it did not upload this file
  11. Hello Imwood I installed succesfuly your Export Products v0.2, but when I click on "Export now" button it shows me http 404 error page. Do I have to set a mysql database or something? Do u have any manual? Thanks
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