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  1. 2p12p1's post in Duplicated products have the same name even though i change it was marked as the answer   
    You know when you have been struggeling with a problem for a while you almost give up, and then it just hits you..
    yea, turns out it's because backend language for my user was set for english, but product names were in Danish. So it would only show the english title in product list, wich was not updated when editing the product name.. (because i was only editing the danish one)
  2. 2p12p1's post in Product combination generator missing? was marked as the answer   
    Found a fix if anyone need it
    My problem was solved when changing the language af back office for employee..
    Administration > Employee > Edit the user you are on back to English
    Or it could suggest something is wrong in the translation if you don't use english
    Hope this helps anyone with this problem
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