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  1. Hi Loïc!! Thanks a lot for your solution, now it works like a charm!!!
  2. Hi limonaderose!! Thanks a lot for your good work, I appreciate it!
  3. Sì, ok, ma nel mio caso i temi installati sono solamente due, ossia quello di default e quello da me acquistato, che peraltro col "Live Edit" ha sempre funzionato perfettamente - o almeno così era prima dell'aggiornamento degli scorsi giorni -, quindi nel mio caso il discorso dei molti temi non c'entra. Detto questo, in parte ho già risolto disattivando i moduli che non mi interessavano, mentre per quanto riguarda quelli che mi occorrono, il problema sta tutto nel fatto che ho bisogno di posizionare quelli agganciati ad uno stesso hook in un'ordine ben preciso, cosa che a quanto mi risulta si può fare solo manualmente dal "Live Edit", visto che in molti casi anche disattivando i moduli interessati uno ad uno e riattivandoli nell'ordine da me desiderato la disposizione degli stessi rimane purtroppo invariata.
  4. A me invece non funziona proprio più il "Live Edit"... ed ho già provato con diversi browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE), ripulendo sia la cache di ciascun browser che quella di PrestaShop... e la cosa più grave è che non posso neppure effettuare il rollback alla versione precedente, visto che dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento non va più nemmeno quello!!! Potete aiutarmi, per cortesia??
  5. Gosh, my "Live Edit" doesn't work at all even after switching to IE... hmmmmm...!!! :/
  6. @smartdatasoft Unfortunately, the solution you proposed didn't work, the issue still remains... sigh!
  7. No, I'm sorry, I intended to say that clicking on tags made up of two or more words (e.g. "soccer shoes", "tennis rackets", "baseball gloves", etc.) returns the error above. Could you help me??
  8. It interests me too! Also, clicking on tags made up of more than one word returns a "Page not found" error! Any ideas??
  9. Hi, everybody!! Did anyone solve the problem with the missing columns for the Smartblog pages?? Thanks in advance!!! Taty88
  10. Hi!! So, did anyone solve the problem with the missing columns for the Smartblog pages [PS v1.6.0.14]?? Thanks!!!
  11. Hi! Yes, the > appears also in the BO, but only when I leave the module page and come back to it... either way, in order to let you inspect this issue I created an admin account for you and sent you the credentials, so let me know! And obviously thanks again!!
  12. I also use the latest version! In fact the problem is ONLY with the ">" symbol...
  13. Hi, everybody!! First of all, congratulations on the work you've done, I was just looking for something with the purpose of adding some custom CSS into my website!! Now, however, I have a little problem with this style declaration: #iubenda_policy .iubenda_fluid_policy .one_line_col > ul.for_boxes > li, #iubenda_policy .iubenda_fluid_policy .half_col > ul.for_boxes > li { margin-top: 18px; } The problem is given by the fact that the browser converts the ">" symbol to its corresponding ">" HTML entity and so the code above doesn't work! Any ideas??
  14. Hi, Themes Zone!! First of all, congratulations on the work you've done, I was just looking for something with the purpose of adding a Twitter block on my homepage!! Now I have an annoying problem with the position of the block because I want it to wrap under the tags block, but after I tried various solutions I not solved the problem yet. So could you help me?? Here's my website: www.perledinatura.it Thanks in advance!! EDIT: For the moment I solved the problem by using absolute positioning, although I don't know if it is a good idea or a bad idea...
  15. I have the same problem too... any ideas?
  16. It interests me too! What should I have to do to reach the goal?
  17. Thanks, it worked PERFECTLY!! Or to be more precise, it worked perfectly BUT there was a simple syntax error (fixed by now) in search-not-found.tpl on lines 5 and 8: <h1>{l s='Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms.'' mod='smartblog'}</h1> <p> {l s='Please try again with some different keywords.'' mod='smartblog'} </p>
  18. In Localization -> Translations some translation fields are missing. For example, in articles pages I have the following expressions to translate, but I cannot see them into my BO: "Leave a Reply", "Name:", "E-mail:", "Website:", "Comment:", "Type Code". Any ideas?
  19. Hi, when will the latest version of your module be released (more or less)?
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