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  1. Zekers, die staat helemaal boven in dit artikel !! Daar staat hoe we het hebben opgelost.
  2. Is there nobody who can tell us what is the problem and if there will be a fix? Please Prestashop, HELP US !!
  3. I'm just waiting also Please help us with this problem. I'm now everyday going first to my admin to clearing the cache. Don't like it to do it anymore Please help!!
  4. Yes, there is !! You have to ask your provider to give you more memory for your website. Now you have 64MB and you have to ask to upgrade it to 128MB The new Prestashop use a lot moge Memory. That is what i have done and it is perfect! Hans
  5. Hello, We have a shop where we sell different things. Now we have normal shipping and that is 7,- Euros but we also sell DVD's. One 1 dvd for 7,- euro shipping a lot of money. We have therefore created a new carrier with shipping cost 3, - euro, which is only for DVDs. But now comes the problem. If someone buys a DVD, the shipping is 3, - Euro. But someone buys a DVD and a T-shirt, then suddenly the system give the person who buys the product, you get 2 shipping. One for 3, - EUR for DVD and one for 7, - Euro for the T-shirt. But i don't want this! If you buy 2 items, outside the DVDs, then it should just turn 7, - euro. Those 3, - euro's more he have to see that is one shipping together for 7,- euro and not a total from 10, - Euro shipping. That is what the system is doing now So then a person buy a T-Shirt alone that is 7,- euro, will he buy with a DVD than it have to be 7,- euro and no 10,- euro what he is doing now. When he buy only a DVD it have to be 3,- euro. Is there a solution for this? Please help me. Thanks, Hans
  6. Hallo, Wij hebben een shop waarin we verschillende dingen verkopen. Nu hebben wij normale verzendkosten en dat is 7,- euro maar we verkopen ook DVD's en vinden dan 1 dvd voor 7,- euro wel een hoop geld. We hebben daarom een nieuwe vervoerder aangemaakt met verzendkosten 3,- euro en die is alleen voor de dvd's. Maar nu komt het probleem. Als iemand een dvd koopt is het niet erg, de verzending is dan 3,- euro. Maar iemand koopt een dvd en ook een t-hirt, dan opeens zegt het systeem dat de persoon die het product koopt, 2 verzendkosten krijgt. 1 voor 3,- euro voor de DVD en 1 voor 7,- euro voor de T-shirt. Dat wil ik dus niet!! Als men 2 artikelen koopt, buiten de DVD's, dan moet het gewoon weer 7,- euro zijn. Die 3,- euro is meer een tegemoetkoming maar dat zet die nu bij elkaar. Dus in totaal krijgt men dan 10,- euro verzendkosten. Iemand een idee hoe ik dit kan aanpassen? Dat ik gewoon 1 verzending krijg van gewoon 7,- euro ipv ook die 3,- euro op de DVD's. WIE? Bedankt, Hans
  7. You can see it now op my website: - www.gaysandgadgets.com - www.underground-fetish.nl Here you see that the NEW ARRIVALS, you can not click on them (the are already online in the picture) But when i go Back Office to clear my cache, the NEW ARRIVALS will be show when you click on it. I leave the site for now, so you can see what i mean!! Please see the sites and see what is the problem. It is a problem in Dutch and in English!! Thank you for looking and hoop you can help me. Strange is that the BEST SELLERS (on Underground Fetish) you can click it?? Why that one and not New Arrivals?
  8. No.. It is not in the webshop until i click on Clearing Cache and then you see the new arrivals. So i have to go online every morning to click on Clearing Cache, if i don't do that, i see no new arrivals (in Dutch section).
  9. Hello, I have found a new problem. See www.gaysandgadgets.com and when you have Dutch language you see on NIEUW BINNEN (New arrivals) NO products When you go to English language and you go to New Arrivals, you see new arrivals. How is this possible? Why i don't see them in Dutch and only in English? Please help me. Hans PS: this is strange... When i CLEAR CACHE (that i have to do everyday), the new arrivals on the Dutch language is online again. I have to do everyday again a new CLEAR CACHE or it is not working. Is it a little BUG?
  10. Hi, I have a question about carriers. I have a lot of products online and i want to send them for 7,- euro. But now i have DVD's online too and i want ONLY the DVD's sending for 3,- euro. Is it possible to send all the other products for 7 euro and ONLY the dvd's for 3 euro? Someone who can help me? Thank you, Hans
  11. I want to change the SLIDE LIST !! When i put number 1 to 3 and 3 to 1 it go's back to the old position I see no errors on the website
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