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  1. Hi Leute, Any takers please on this? Someone said it could be a issue of the Template... is that true? Cheers Robert
  2. hallo everyone.. I just installed a new SSL cerificate on my server but now i get the message that my images aren't secure.. Can i fix this and if so how ??? https://vectorart.at Cheers Robert
  3. Hi, ok.. got the error message ... Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: unable to write file /www/htdocs/w0102242/test.vectorart.at/cache/smarty/compile/7e/04/79/wrt54f0894c5bdad9_14840951 <-- thrown in /www/htdocs/w0102242/test.vectorart.at/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_write_file.php on line 46 OK, changed the write permission now I'm in the backend.... Thx.... Robert
  4. I don't see a error message for the back office no idea why.... http://test.vectorart.at/admin2635/index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=409a78972a533897e93f79d3ee1b1071 at least in firefox.. explorer bring 500 internal server error... Robert
  5. Hallo All, I created a test server from our shop vectorart.at and moved all files into test.vectorart.at I changed the settings.inc and put all the new info for the new DB. in the DB I setup the ps_configuration PS_SHOP_DOMAIN test.vectorart.at PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL test.vectorart.at and changed the ps_shop_url... I also removed the .htaccess and tried to clear the cache. But I still can't login to the admin area or shop.. and when trying to go to test.vectorart.at i get this message... The requested URL /en/ was not found on this server. any tips on how i can get this solved.. would be greatly appreciated...! Robert
  6. Hello All, for me it was enough to remove only in version Unhooked PayPal module from Header of pages (Displayheader). Cheers
  7. Ich wahr auf github und habe denn zip geholt und benutzte das modules-master.zip damit habe ich jetzt paypal. https://github.com/EU-Legal/modules Cheers Robert
  8. Hi Thx for your quick response... Please see link... http://vectorart.at/index.php?id_product=15&controller=product http://vectorart.at/index.php I still see the tax inclusive by both descriptions.. Cheers Robert PS: this solved part of my problems... or you can remove by hiding code: Go to ftp map /webspace/siteapps/Prestashop-188755/htdocs/themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockcart All 3 taxes can be hidden inside this file like so: Total products: Ctrl F search for> "total products" and {*hide*} code like this: {*{l s='(tax excl.)' mod='blockcart'}*} {else} {*{l s='(tax incl.)' mod='blockcart'}*} Total shipping: Ctrl F search for> "total shipping" and {*hide*} code like this: {*{l s='(tax excl.)' mod='blockcart'}*} Total: Ctrl F search for> "total" and {*hide*} code like this: {*{l s='(tax excl.)' mod='blockcart'}*} {else} {*{l s='(tax incl.)' mod='blockcart'}*} Now all 3 tax should be gone after you saved en refreshed a few times
  9. Hallo People .. Seems I have the problem Paypal is not working ... I'm using v1.0.3-eu_legal and v3.7.2-PayPal Europe - Official... But i can't see it in the EU legal as a possible selction option .. So i can't see it in my ordring process.. Please choose your payment method.... Any help or tips.. Thx Robert
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