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  1. Hello, as on these two topics http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/200837-error-403-prestashop-152/ and http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/202361-erreur-403-en-back-lors-de-ledition-de-produits/ I have the same problem, the server specs are the below (I think it is a php issue but I'm stack), any help would be appreciate, thank you Server information: Linux #1 SMP Mon Sep 3 06:39:55 EDT 2012 x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.3.14 Memory limit: 256M Max execution time: 1000 Database information MySQL version: 5.1.65-cll MySQL engine: InnoDB Prestashop version:
  2. @Mats hello, how do you configure the short description block Authors: Publisher: ISBN: i'm trying to make a bookstore thank you
  3. OK thanks, entelos pliroforiaka thelo na matho, prospatho na do mexri pou mporei na ftasei to prestashop
  4. nomizo, h pernoun promitheia? oi erotiseis einai einai 1. pos tous dinoume emeis apo prestashop 2. pos eisagoume emeis se prestashop
  5. OK thank you for your position statement Tom I have a project running and in the next days I will buy a license from you, so I can provide functionality information to other people in this forum, I think we all greeks are very interesting for your module solution
  6. we appreciate a lot the economic solution you offer and thank you for this let me tell you that no one in this official Prestashop forum is encouraged for sharing illigally any kind of software we are respect your work, that's a top and only rule in programmers community you should think to add the module payment in the official Prestashop store personal I don't have any shop for myself, I'm developing sites for customers and I want to be sure that I could offer an ecommerce solution with a greek bank payment functionality, but as you understand is an ondemand situation, I mean there is no live site to check, you can not say to a client "I have an ecommerce solution for your shop but I don't know if will work" could you point if there is any integration of your module in any live site?
  7. @ oschellas we will never share a commercial software, we want to check functionality and conectivity with the greek banks, because in your site there is no information related to guarantees, support etc, I'm respect your work and all members in this forum feel the same, if your payment gateways works with greek banks then we will buy them, that's my opinion. In a previous post (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/46364/third_party_modules/greek_payment_modules) you ask for directions on how to implement installments, I could give you directions only for winbank. Regards Nikos Ioannou
  8. Εχει κανεις υποψιν του καποιο XML Generator / XML Feed για skroutz, emarket, eprice, pathfinder κλπ ?
  9. Συμφωνω με τον Armadilo, για το τι παιζει με τον developer/εταιρια που ισχυριζεται οτι το "εχει" (εννοω το payment gateway της winbank), @Isotech, με Eurobank εχεις τα αρχεια του proxypay3 ? μπορεις να μου τα στειλεις ?
  10. Εχω ενα commercial payment module/component του virtuemart για winbank, λογικα το redirection και η επικοινωνια με την τραπεζα θα πρεπει να ειναι κοινα, μενει να δω πως θα "μεταφρασω" τον κωδικα για το prestashop, μαλλον το Πασχα θα ασχοληθω...
  11. Ας ξεκινήσουμε το μεγάλο μας πρόβλημα με την αφελή ερώτηση Έχει κανείς ενσωματώσει payment gateway με οποιαδήποτε ελληνική τράπεζα? (οχι με easypay της winbank) έχει κανείς τη διάθεση να ασχοληθεί?
  12. Καλημερα και απο εμενα ελπιζω να φανει χρησιμη η Ελληνικη κοινοτητα Νικος - Αθηνα Thanks to developers
  13. Hello finally i find this in web http://www.internet-business-solutions.gr/lang-en/e-commerce/prestashop it seems they offer w paymeyment module, i will buy and chek it
  14. Hello sorry Patric, i was out for businnes so i did'n reply, i think is good for Greeks to have a greek language community section, this will help us to speak our native language and also will give interest to Greek developers to work with your great software, but you decide, if you think that there are not enough Greeks that will find it useful lets forget localization. thank you
  15. Hello thank you for your replies, imagine that some products will have prices and some other products will have a "call for price" button so the competitors will not see the prices, that is one of the reason, the other reason is to use Prestashop as a catalog.
  16. hello did you manage to have a "call for price" option? i have developed a couple of joomla-virtuemart sites and this is a default option when you do not put price in the product, so if you are still interest we can speak about regards nikos ioan
  17. hello developers thank you for your software is there any option to have a greek language topic? as you may read, there are a lot of issues with greek banks and localization, I think it will helps i want yo mention also that there are a lot of translation errors for the greek language, so i manual translate from module blocks or code thank you nikos ioan
  18. Endiaferomai gia ellinikes trapezes, eurobank, alpha, winbank (mporoume kai me ligo kodika na steiloume forma sto easypay)
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