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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to list all products "In Stock" and "Used" without the need for a category filter. Can this be constructed in the URL?
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to display all products that are "Used" and "In Stock". I don't want to filter by a category. Also is there a way to just display all products? Right now I am using the "Layered navigation block" to filter the "Used" and "In Stock" but before I can get to the module on the front-end I need to go to a category. Any work around for this? TIA, Don
  3. This isn't a fix. This is a scratch and restart. Has this been filed as a BUG?
  4. I've toyed with this concept and it appears it can be done but I've only played with it and have not deployed multiple clients on one Prestashop install. There will be some modules that I think you will run into issues with.
  5. Okay, so today states are available. hmmm... Don't know what changed. I didn't push any new buttons and make any setting changes. Damn gremlins!!
  6. I went to update a store's contact information and the states are not available. Any ideas as to why not?
  7. I figured out what the issue was for me. My server was blocking Prestashop's api.addons.prestashop.com and their newsfeed URL. This caused the performance problem that I was experiencing. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/431450-load-time-15781-ms-youd-better-run-your-shop-on-a-toaster/ An indicator that this is your problem as well would be that the files in the directory config/xml/ are not getting updated or the newsfeed from Prestashop is not displaying on the dashboard.
  8. Ok I figured out the issue and it was totally on us. Someone had placed an IP block in the iptables that was not allowing communication between the sites and prestashop to happen. This resulted the slowdown because Prestashop wanted to update the config/xml/ files. That is why the "initContent" was always so high. The real clue that there was a connection issue that was causing the problem and not a server power problem was the fact that I could not log into my Addons account from the backoffice and also there was no news feed from prestashop displaying on the control panel. I just wanted to let everyone know what my issue was so if they experience something like this themselves.
  9. We've been trying to figure out what has been slowing down the backoffice performance and think we may have it but I would like to know everyone's thoughts as well as any ideas on how to resolve it. It appears that Prestashop does some checking on the site for information and it is either getting blocked or it is blocking us. I'm not sure which but I'm pretty sure this is what is causing the performance issue. Doing a tracepath [[email protected] httpdocs]$ tracepath api.addons.prestashop.com 1: rack.stnhost.com ( 0.109ms pmtu 1500 1: ( 1.001ms 1: ( 0.925ms 2: core6-aggr1201a-2.ord1.rackspace.net ( 1.454ms 3: corea-core6.ord1.rackspace.net ( 1.192ms 4: ( 1.587ms 5: be2-mspe4.ord30.rackspace.net ( 2.705ms 6: chi-b21-link.telia.net ( 3.530ms 7: dls-b21-link.telia.net ( 24.507ms 8: if-12-6.tcore2.NYY-New-York.as6453.net ( 42.554ms asymm 11 9: po10-20g.ar3.CDG2.gblx.net ( 113.910ms asymm 12 10: cr0-ge-5-1-3-th2.ALIONET.NET ( 117.966ms asymm 17 11: cr0-ge-5-1-7-rdb.ALIONET.NET ( 109.511ms asymm 13 12: no reply 13: po2-cr0-rdb.alionis.net ( 103.753ms asymm 14 14: no reply 15: ve111-po1-ar1-vbo.alionis.net ( 118.506ms 16: no reply 17: no reply 18: no reply 19: no reply 20: no reply 21: no reply 22: no reply 23: no reply 24: no reply 25: no reply 26: no reply 27: no reply 28: no reply 29: no reply 30: no reply 31: no reply Too many hops: pmtu 1500 Resume: pmtu 1500 [[email protected] httpdocs]$ ping -c1 api.addons.prestashop.com PING api.addons.prestashop.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. --- api.addons.prestashop.com ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 10000ms
  10. Guys I'm having he same problem as well. Some things that I've noticed in trying to figure out what is going on. 1. I cannot log into my addons account from the backoffice on any of my sites (all are running on my server) 2. The vast majority of the time being spent is in refreshing metadata on modules. 3. All prestashop versions installed are to
  11. The sites that I'm having issues with performance do not have the modules installed. I've also noticed I cannot log into my addons account from the backoffice. It appears that initContent is always a very high number and the vast majority of the time being spent is in refreshing metadata on modules. This is happening to all of my Prestashop installs on my server no matter what the version. Any insight as to why this is happening? I'm guessing that it has to do with something on my server or firewall that has changed.
  12. No products right now and that report was from the admin performance page. I have multi-store enabled and SEF on.
  13. Hi Gang, Recently I just had a site that I'm working on get "REAL" slow and I'm not able to get it to speed back up. The back-end is especially slow. domain: http://mybrandbaby.com phpinfo: http://mybrandbaby.com/php-info/phpinfo.php I have it _PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_ set to true and so that you guys can take a look I've taken it out of maintenance mode. All 3rd party modules and overrides disabled. Here is PrestaShop™ profiling information. Load time: 15291 ms You'd better run your shop on a toaster Execution Load time (ms) config 108 constructor 0 init 37 checkAccess 0 setMedia 19 postProcess 0 initHeader 9 initContent 15106 initFooter 1 display 12 Hook processing: 29 ms / 2.54 Mb 9 methods called in 8 modules Hook Processing displayBackOfficeHeader 1.57 Mb in 20 ms actionAdminControllerSetMedia 0.97 Mb in 8 ms displayBackOfficeTop - Mb in 0 ms moduleRoutes - Mb in 0 ms actionAdminPerformanceFormModifier - Mb in 0 ms displayBackOfficeFooter - Mb in 0 ms displayAdminForm - Mb in 0 ms actionAdminPerformanceControllerBefore - Mb in 0 ms actionDispatcher - Mb in 0 ms displayAdminPerformanceForm - Mb in 0 ms Memory peak usage: 25.0 Mb Execution Memory (Mb) Total (Mb) config 17.54 17.6 constructor - 17.6 init 2.47 20.1 checkAccess - 20.1 setMedia 1.31 21.4 postProcess - 21.4 initHeader 0.79 22.2 initContent 1.83 25.0 initFooter 0.05 25.0 display 0.84 25.0 Total cache size in Cache class: 0.41 Mb Smarty cache: enabled Smarty compilation: never recompile SQL Queries: 44 queries in 31 ms Included files: 90 (2.21 Mb) Global vars : 0.02 Mb$_LANGADM ≈ 9k $_SERVER ≈ 9k $_COOKIE ≈ 3k TIA, Don
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