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  1. @lita snow, what are the advantages of your module vs the free one? http://addons.prestashop.com/es/pagos-prestashop-modulos/4154-authorizenet-aim.html @krisives Yes, I wanted to be sure I was not wrong and I really needed the login / password settings and not all they sent to me. I wish I could use Stripe, but they take 3% of the payments and the client doesn't want that
  2. Hi, I'm developing a prestashop website but I'm stuck in the payment module. My client is from New York and I'm from Spain, that's why I can't call the bank myself to solve this. My client has provided me this info: Merchant number, Payment Gateway ID (Authorize.net ), Routing/Transit Number, DDA Number But the authorize.net module (http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/4154-authorizenet-aim.html) seems to use a Login Id and Key: http://medias1.prestastore.com/119736-pbig/Array.jpg Also, the client told me that the bank is chasebank but its module requires more different info. Is there any module that uses the first info to accept payments? Every authorize.net user must have a login id and key or am I missing something? Thanks in advance
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