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  1. Any know of this? I have be match setting.inc It saying An error occurred, see attachment Any idea?
  2. I have cpanel so need step to step if you help me here
  3. How can i find this file? I have contact hosting provider and wait to get me back in 24 hours. Is there any possible to find the files?
  4. Can any help me with this what does that mean? and what files I should fix this.
  5. trxdave


    Hi I have problem with website. The old domain is gone so I have www.energytherm.co.uk move to new domain, There would not show up as it saying Link to database cannot be established. I have detail Database, ftp, password all was correct but would not show up. Could anyone help me please. Thanks David
  6. Can you give me step to step, how to use subdomain or subfolder
  7. I have try 1.4.11 to 1.5 and it is not working. any idea?
  8. I have backups done and upgrade different version of prestashop. When I update and all the picture were gone so I do backup back to 1.4.11. Is there anyway for doing 3rd party for 1.6 that when I finish with 1.6 then will take over 1.4.11? Can you tell me which one will I use? see attached
  9. In back end - cannot change to 1.5? Any other way to do?
  10. how will fix this problem? That I am try new version 1.6
  11. This is for 1.4.11 to 1.6 upgrade and There is taking 2 hour waiting and see attached saying error
  12. Because I didnt want 1.4.11 to 1.6 that will be mess around with picture and stuff. So need do build up 1.6 first and will remove 1.4.11
  13. This is what I look for if it's possible to develop a 1.6 one in a temporary space, then change that to the production url or ip address
  14. I wonder that if I build up 1.6 and when the 1.6 layout finish, 1.4.11 stay open for a while, can 1.6 change ip address previous website? How can I build up 1.6 for awhile until I finish then take over to 1.4.
  15. I have 1.4.11, so will I upgrade to 1.6.1? didnt want mess around with code things
  16. There is no 1.5 version in autoupgrade? what will I do with it? as it showing 1.6 only.
  17. Home page index.php or en.php? there is too many files I am looking for topmenu or menulinks anyone know can i find homepages of php?
  18. Where can I find top menu? I have check module backend and there is nothing. As I want change and remove. PHP i could not find it. Please help, look on www.energytherm.co.uk Thanks
  19. Could not find menu, is there any other way for .php? I try find en.php and there is too many files. Please help!
  20. Cotoko Thanks for help I will start do menu now then trying use 1.5 version and see if it is ok.
  21. the label is Home, Special, New products, Topsellers and etc....if you see my website www.energytherm.co.uk so I only want change and remove.
  22. Hey Guys How can I change label or remove on top menu? cannot find in backend or in index.php. Please see on www.energytherm.co.uk - blue top menu. Another question I has version is 1.4.11 and will I update to 1.6.13? will that be risky to update? Didnt want everything change. Please help
  23. I have fix already. So I have to go back to 1.4.11 cos 1.6 picture were gone and mess.
  24. Hi guys, I have try upgrade for 1.6 from 1.4.11, was using 1-click upgrade module in tools. It was downloading and ex it went fail cos something do with AJAX. Any idea about this?
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