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  1. Ok, je vois. As-tu déjà pensé de faire ça sous forme d'un formulaire? Genre tu demande les variables à l'utilisateur 'Quelle est la puissance/spot' : 'champs de saisie ou menu déroulant avec les options prédéfinies' etc etc.. puis un bouton 'Calculez votre consommation >>' et ensuite le script php fait le calcul et affiche le résultat. Tu peut faire ca avec une petite connaissance de formulaires (forms) et du php. Je pense que ce serait plus "clean and user friendly" que donner un tableau où il y a plein d'infos qui n'ont pas besoin d'être affichés dix mille fois comme le prix qui reste invariable .. Bonne chance à toi, il y a plein de tuto sur le net qui pourront te guider.
  2. :wow: havn't tho about this! perfect.. *thumbs up*
  3. you're welcome, i'm glad you found your own solution cheers
  4. Hmmm, create your custom pages with CMS in Admin > Tools > CMS. Include ur "block" in your theme and link to your custom pages from there?
  5. so you want it on a separate page or on products one?
  6. Yep i got it :smirk: The idea would be making a "customers" database, and rewriting your prestashop(s) to make them connect to this database to store/retrieve customers info. That's a hard coding you need someone competent. Google for freelance php/mysql coders regrouping sites. You're welcome Well he wants it, by having multiple stand-alone stores he makes his clients bother with useless registrations and it's not good for the business. That's all.
  7. Hi keyjo, my advise would be export/import your whole database into the new one and delete all unrelated to customers info.
  8. Hi rikki, Maybe i'm tired but i can't understand what do you mean by "cost saving link" and what excel is doing in all this. Try to be more clear.
  9. Admin Panel > Payement > Currencies Click on "Euro", near Formatting drop-down box select "X0.000,00 (as with dollars)" enjoy ;-)
  10. This requires computer programming skills not php ones. You need a program that would contact database, check if there is a new entry and print it out. maybe this could help You need an experienced C/C++/etc. coder. Good luck
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