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  1. did this ever get done? If so where is it? what is it called? thanks
  2. Hi, I really needed the URL exported with the image urls but instead of: https://mysite.com/home/20-90-musicians-evolving-into-drummers-heavy-cotton-tee-in-white-unisex.html#/3-size-l/8-colour-white The URL is completely ripped appart/rewritten and so I get this instead: musicians-evolving-into-drummers-heavy-cotton-tee-in-white-unisex Which leaves a lot of manual work which basically nullifies the product in the first place. Any chance of stopping this URL destruction?
  3. Thanks joseantgv, I will give that a go later today. Bit busy at present. But thanks. Much appreciated.
  4. Thank you Leo. Much appreciated. I just tried that and theyre working fine now. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  5. Added new product images to presetashop and they show in the backend but not the front end. Ive tried deleting cache foler, clearing cache, removing friendly seo urls, regenerating images, regenerating htaccess. Nothng works. Surely someone who developed this masterpiece doesnt get something so simple somessed up? Any ideas how to get the images to show without having to go through this every time I add more images? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, but the install fails by importing the zip. So how did you install it? Thanks by the way. I get the error: Oops... Upload failed. What happened?Try again
  7. Thanks, I tried that a couple of days ago, but there are no instructions as it doesnt upload in the mods section of prestashop. Uploading it manually does nothing to get it to show up in the back end either. But thanks.
  8. Thanks, much appreciated. Is there a mod available somewhere. I tried the one from github but it wont install. Thanks again. Much appreiated
  9. I recently installed the latest Prestashoip It works fine, but are there no cron jobs required? I cant find the module everyone seems to mention and the github mod doesnt install. Am I missing something... is a cronjob even required? Many thanks
  10. Ive been looking for over two hurs and searching google to no avail. So, How Do I Change The Payment Method Logo Icons On Shopping Cart Page of Prestashop The ones attached. Many thanks
  11. Thanks for your response Benjamin. I have the module still installed as I decided to remove some of the combinations. Instead of 10 options in one drop down I cut it down to 5. The combinations then saved ok. I will however remove the module by ftp/filemanager and test again over the next few days as I plan to increase the products in the store in a month or two so will require more combinations again. IL post back here in a few days after testing/removing the module and perhaps getting an updated version. Thanks again
  12. After turning error reporting on (false to true in defines.inc) I got the following error Warning: Function addCSS() is deprecated in /home/username/public_html/modules/blockadvertmulti/blockadvertmulti.php on line 260 in /home/username/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 2147 I Dissabled the module and uninstalled it and the 500 error persists. I also re applied the .htaccess
  13. Thanks For Reply . I dont get why this is the same problem, Theyre saying that a module is the cause and I dont have that module?
  14. Hi, Im trying to make changes to my prestashop by adding combinations. However I keep getting the a Server 500 Error. Im on shared hosting so dont have root access to the server. Im using version 1.5 (latest version) My host sayes that apache is spilling out the following error: [Tue Feb 04 21:54:33 2014] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer: https://mydomein.com/admin8877/index.php?controller=AdminProducts&id_product=11&updateproduct&token=b3b294b1e46cc55dc399bd8a2772ae37 Ive searched and read a few posts but cant seem to get to the bottom of the error. A few posts point to Attribute Wizard Pro which isnt really what im looking for. The combinations and options take to bigger space below the actual product image. I like things In You Face so to speak. Prestashop combinations options in the front end are all there at a glance (if theyd save). Thanks for any assistance/solution.
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