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  1. Hello ! Can't find where to edit colors ?! I want all white fields in another color .
  2. Hello ! I am using 1.7 version classic Theme . When I press in white radio button circle nothing happens . With firefox I can choose between carriers by pressing on carrier logo . With I- explorer pressing on image don’t work . I-explorer works only when I press to carrier name . In my test domain everything works fine on all browsers . What can cause this ? Maybe I can try to replace some files from test domain to main ? Thanks .
  3. Add to cart slow .

    What information I need to ask from hosting ?
  4. Add to cart slow .

    Thanks for answer . On fresh installation without any third party modules on my test domain add to cart button works slow too . 4 seconds to popup . I attached some screenshots from my server configurations . Maybe there you can see where is problem ?
  5. Add to cart slow .

    Hello ! Yes I am using free whatsup module . I guess it should work corectcly on 1,7 . I enabled smart catche for css and js and appache optimization . Now time reduced from 6-7 second to 4 seconds . I havn't installed any third party modules on my test domain,but there is same situation, about 4 seconds to popup . Maybe there is problem with instalation process or server configuration ?
  6. Can't edit E-mails

    Is there a way to translate mails in database ?
  7. [SOLVED] Pages tab in back office access denied

    Entered 4 missing lines manually directly in ps_authorization_rolle tab It works .
  8. Can't edit E-mails

    I have same problem with prestashop 1.7 . And there is another warning for each e-mail template in translations : No Subject was found for XXX in the database.
  9. [SOLVED] Pages tab in back office access denied

    Hello ! I got this error when trying to insert : Error SQL query: INSERT INTO `sig_authorization_role` (`id_authorization_role`, `slug`) VALUES (53, 'ROLE_MOD_TAB_ADMINCMSCONTENT_CREATE') MySQL said: #1146 - Table 'eksimant_pres566.sig_authorization_role' doesn't exist
  10. Add to cart slow .

    Any ideas how to fix it ?
  11. Oh,sorry forgot to turn off maintance off . I did not notice that it is not compatible with 1.7 . So it really don't work . I deleted all samples in the begining,and added just one image, and tried to fix image full width ,that's why i didn't notice that images not moving . Will it be ever compatible with 1.7 ?
  12. In footer everything works fine ,I can get slide in full width . Problem is in top . Something don't allow slide to expand . Can someone please check what i did wrong ? www.eksimanta.id.lv Thanks .
  13. Add to cart slow .

    I turned on debug mode . And that what I get . One from poduct page and second when I press add to cart button .
  14. Hello ! How to get slide in full width ? I changed several size images but I get same effect . Editing sizes in -slider options sizes and timing - with no changes . I remember few years ago I got this module on prestashop 1.5 , I got there 7 slider with different sizes . Now I am using 1,7 prestashop . I think i forgot how to do it correct .