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  1. Thank you very, very, very much my friend!!! You made my day! As soon as I renamed .htaccess error 500 stopped popping out, I re-enabled Friendly URL which created new .htaccess file. Everything works fine now, I didn't even have to change MySQL settings and in addition the error 404 which initially led me to this is gone as well! Topic SOLVED!
  2. Hi Cristic, ty for help, when i set the php file as you said, nothing happens, no error messages. I am trying to find where Apache logs are... Everything was working fine until today when I decided to remove French language, which I did, but links to categories remained with /en at the end and didn't work. I read on the forum that disabling apache multiviews helps, I disabled it and immediately ended up with 500 internal server error.
  3. Hi guys, I am having really hard time as I don't know how to fix this. What I did is this, I checked "Disable Apache Multiviews" in back office and clicked save, after which 500 internal server error popped out. Now I get this error on both front and back office, can't even get to the login page. Can someone please help me? (Prestashop 1.5) Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I am using prestashop 1.5 and there are 2 search bars, one is default search box and the other is Quick search box module. Quick search box module can be removed from modules section in BO but I would like to keep Quick search module and delete the other one. Is that possible and how do I do that?
  5. Hmm... I don't know, I just recently saw this module in the module list in back office, I didn't download it myself or anything.
  6. No Vekia, you probably got it wrong from my first post. I am using with the default theme which I slightly modified. Module is social sharing v1.1
  7. Yeah it's hooked on DisplayRightColumnProduct(right column) and also on DisplayHeader (pages header)
  8. Hi Vekia, Yes I tried both resetting the module and uninstalling. I modified the default theme by removing the right column and spreading the central column all the way to the right. Might that be the problem? In modules>positions I see the module is hooked to header and right, I tried hooking it to the left product column but nothing happened.
  9. Today I have been browsing modules in back office v.1.5.6. and I found "Module Social sharing" which I don't have on other computer with previous version of prestashop installed and which is everything I was looking for for the last couple of weeks. Description : Displays social sharing buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest) on every product page. Unfortunately it doesn't show on my product pages when installed. Does anyone know the solution for this maybe?
  10. Hi Vekia! Thank you very much! I am modifying lof footer and I managed to complete all the other links but this one just didn't wanna work even though I tried with /module/favoriteproducts/account several times so I thought I must have been doing something wrong. I restarted the module and now it works just fine!
  11. Ok I have to ask one stupid question. I am changing some things in the footer section and I would like to add link to "My favorite products" but I cant figure what the internal link address is.
  12. In the previous version I just changed homefeatured.css (featured-products_block_center li), entered width/height that I wanted and then change it in the back office and everything worked well. In the version changing this only seem to effect the area around the picture, any tip which line I should change/add to change only picture dimensions? Thanks.
  13. So I used sync htaccess option on my hosting account and now webpage seems to work fine with friendly url option on, but the error in the back office is still showing...
  14. I freshly installed, friendly URL doesn't work, it says: URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) is not active on your server, or it is not possible to check your server configuration. If you want to use Friendly URLs, you must activate this mod. I read "solved" topics on this subject but it solved nothing for me as well as for bunch of other people as I can see. I have spent so much time making the shop visually look nice and I would hate to throw all that away but I constantly keep encountering things like this? Is there an end to it? Is there a way to solve this? I read about this CGI problem and honestly I don't know what CGI is and I don't wanna know, I see it's there on my webhosting and that's all. What I want to know is if this can be made to work properly or not and if answer is not, who do I have to pay and how much to make it miraculously work. Thanks.
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