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  1. Hi there everyone, I checked a lot of threads, but found no solution... I do not receive any email - neither order confirmation to me as a merchant nor a confirmation as a test client. I try the Paypall sandbox and payments go through. I suppose it is normal to get then payment error in the order tab. When I use live Paypall the payment goes through and it is recorded as "accepted" in the Order tab, I receive both Paypal confirmation emails as merchant and client, but no email from Presta... I have installed the Mail alert module and set up the email addresses. I also tried the solution proposed here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/40914/help_configuration___use/total_stop_of_all_ps_emails_ps_or_isp Still having the same problem. I would appreciate your help, guys. Thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you so much forvirrad and Kgal, as suggested by forvirrad I have disabled the Out-of-range behavior for the lighter carrier. This solves the more serious issue - when you have a heavy product, only the higher shipping fee could be selected. However, when you have a light product, there are still two choices - one for 2 euro and the other for 5 euro. I suppose one can leave it just like that and leave the customer to choose (of course) the lower rate. However, I will try to find way to suppress the higher shipping fee when a light product is chosen. If anyone has experience with that I would be greatful for any input. Thank you once again. PS. I managed to do it. Actually, initially I have created two carriers for France (one for light and one for heavy products) and two for Europe (one for light and one for heavy products). It was all wrong - I had to create ONLY ONE for France and ONE for Europe and then create the price and weight ranges. Now it is tip-top. Thank you once again!
  3. Anyone? It should be fairly easy thing to do, but I am afraid I could not find a sollution...
  4. Hi there, first of all thank you in advance for any input on the folowing problem I have encountered. I have created a zone France with the only country there being France. I have also set up two different carriers - one for orders between 0.01 g - 50.0 g, and another for products between 50.1 g - 2000.00 g. Accordingly, I have set up two carriers charging 2 euro for the first batch and 5 euro for the second. Normally, you would expect that when I select a product with a weight, for example, 80 g, when checking out Ishould get along with the price of the product the shipping fee of only one carrier. Namely that should be the carrier assigned for products between 50.1 g - 2000.00 g, charging 5 euro. Unfortunately, I get both the carrier rates when checking out. In other words, even though the client is buying a product that should be shipped for 5 euro, he/she can still choose a shipping for 2 euro. I would appreciate your help in solving this problem. Thank you, Bob
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