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  1. Hi dooofox, make change in Prestashop_webRoot/themes/yourTheme/modules/blocklanguages/blocklanguages.tpl add {if $language.iso_code != "en"} just after foreach and english should be omitted from front office language selection your code should look like: {foreach from=$languages key=k item=language name="languages"} {if $language.iso_code != "en"} <li {if $language.iso_code == $lang_iso}class="selected_language"{/if}> {if $language.iso_code != $lang_iso} {assign var=indice_lang value=$language.id_lang} {if isset($lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang)} <a href="{$lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang|escape:htmlall}" title="{$language.name}"> {else} <a href="{$link->getLanguageLink($language.id_lang)|escape:htmlall}" title="{$language.name}"> {/if} {/if} <img src="{$img_lang_dir}{$language.id_lang}.jpg" alt="{$language.iso_code}" /> {if $language.iso_code != $lang_iso} </a> {/if} </li> {/if} {/foreach} Good luck
  2. Solved! This change disables english selection in front office. In blocklangauges.tpl just after main foreach added: {if $language.iso_code != "en"}
  3. Hi, I need to set up online shop with enabled Danish and Swedish languages in front office and English in back office. When english is enabled along with danish and swedish, U.S flag is visible in language selection block. Only danish and swedish shoud be languages to choose for visitors of the shop. English should use only admin. Disabling english for back office makes imposible tu use it in administration area. Are there some ways to make different languages for both offices?
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