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  1. Hi Belini, I ran your query but the problem is that the supplier shows up but is not set as the default. See the screen shot. The supplier is supposed to be selected as the default supplier. How would I achieve that?
  2. Hi there, I have a problem, I imported products without adding a default supplier. Now how can I associate a supplier that I have created in the shop through a query? I notice that ps_product_shop does not have a column for id_supplier but ps_product table has it. How to assign a supplier to all the products and make it default?
  3. I made a mass price change and the changes show in the back office but not on the front end.
  4. When I make changes in the database like change the price on a product or an attribute like online only etc the changes update in the database but don't show on the front end. I have cleared cache Turned off cache turn on force compile, but the same thing. Prestashop ver 1.5.4
  5. I am using prestashop 1.5.4 with ssl and I am having the same exact problem. Is there a fix for this?
  6. I am having the same problem. Why doesn't prestashop provide prompt support for their product?
  7. When I try to change the order of the home page slider I get a yellow box with loading... and nothing changes. Prestashop ver 1.5.4
  8. How can I add my phone number at the top of the page in the same line where the currency is?
  9. Hi I need help to first manipulate a file feed and import products into my shop. I need assistance urgently. I have Total Import Pro module installed but I have problems manipulating the data file feed before importation. Please help. Thanks
  10. Hi Developers I need a pay in store solution for prestashop back end. Here is what I need: I have the Pay in Store module by Belvg installed. 1. I need a virtual POS created in the back end that will simulate cash tendered, sub totals etc. 2. I need to be able to select a product by searching just like the regular search bar in the POS and have the quantity deducted everytime that product is purchased. 3. I NEED to bypass the customer address/register requirement. 4. I need to be able to print reciepts after the transaction is done. 5. No connection to a gateway is needed, I will be having one already on site. 6. I just need to simulate a transaction, bypass customer registration, be able to select products by search and have their quantities updated.
  11. A theme that does not have Admin Panel listed as a feature means that the default admin panel will still work or what?
  12. I just need a popup box for my home page, how were you able to get the popup box on your home page?
  13. Hey Nemo1, how do you do that? "remove baseuri assignment? this problem is happening to me in chrome only.
  14. I ended up editing the blockuserinfo code as you suggested and adding a checkout button. Once a user clicks Add to cart it becomes visible. But sometimes i think due to cache it doesnt appear all the time.
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